Community Update

May 24, 2023

STEAM and Bike Safety at the Strawberry Festival

VUSD has a booth at the Strawberry Festival on Sunday, May 28th 8am-6pm! If you are going to the event and want to stop by, here is a map of where our booth is located. Our teachers will be focusing on STEAM lessons, giving out the tools to practice a lesson at home and answering any Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math questions. For Bike Safety, come sign our pledge poster and find out what the newest rules of the road are for bikes and e-bikes. Don’t forget to wear your helmet if you’re riding your bike to the festival!

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Teaching and Learning

Supporting our learners to be curious and connected through exploration of interests and passions will develop personal purpose. Learning is a life-long process that deepens our understanding and thinking about the world. We can help learners make connections between learning in the classroom and our community through activities, experiences, and opportunities we can find in our neighborhoods. Observe people, businesses, plants and animals, and nearby open spaces. Ask questions. Wonder about what you see. Make connections. Explore more ways to interact within the community in this article. The conversations we have with our learners can be a powerful way to build knowledge and curiosity.

Additional upcoming opportunities for students to become involved with Vista community programs are linked below:

Website Transition

VUSD is in the process of transitioning to a new web host, Finalsite. Our goal is to develop district and school websites that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and cohesive between sites. We have already begun training our district and site webmasters on the Finaliste platform. On July 1st, we will officially launch our refreshed webpages. We look forward to our new streamlined online presence.

Check out a sneak preview of our new look!

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Local Control Accountability Plan and Blueprint

We have completed a year-long process of gathering feedback from our community on revisions to the district strategic plan called the Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation. This plan also serves as our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), required by the California Department of Education. There are two final meetings remaining for the community to provide feedback and the school board to take action on approving the Blueprint and LCAP for the next school year. The Public Hearing will be held on June 8, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. and the final approval will take place on June 22, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. in the boardroom at the district office. More information is available on our website

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Summer Learning

Elementary Summer School - The elementary summer school offering, “Wild About Learning” is set to launch on June 12th and will end on June 30th. Summer school hours are 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday-Friday. This is a three-week intensive program of instruction for students who need more focus on reading and math skills. Invitations were sent out on Monday May 15th to students who qualify for the summer school morning session. The summer program will be offered at five elementary school sites across the district. Contact your principal for more information.

Secondary Summer School Opportunities - We have a variety of opportunities during the summer months for our secondary students in order to create a robust, comprehensive, and multi-tiered system of support. These fall into three main categories - remediation, bridge, and enrichment. Contact your school for details.

  • Remediation - We have a comprehensive program for high school students to remediate failing grades in order to be on track for graduation and to meet A-G requirements.

    • Graduating seniors will have the opportunity to attend up to two three-week sessions in order to complete their senior year and receive a diploma during the summer.

    • Current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will also have the opportunity to remediate failing grades through a districtwide summer school program. We will offer two three-week semesters of courses in the summer months, allowing high school students to remediate credits before the next school year.

  • Bridge - Middle and high schools will be offering bridge options for invited students to provide targeted learning opportunities that will prepare students academically for the upcoming school year. Principals will be sharing schedules and details with parents as each site finalizes their dates, times, and programs; but districtwide, bridge opportunities include programs for incoming 6th and 9th graders, English Language Learners, special education students, and at-risk students.

  • Enrichment - Middle and high schools will also offer enrichment opportunities in a variety of disciplines. Just as with the bridge programs, each site will finalize their dates, times, and programs and communicate information to students and families. Sample programs include AVID, sports and athletics, visual and performing arts, lab sciences, career pathways, computer science, STEM, and design labs.

Digital Citizenship Advisory

We are working diligently across the district to provide education and support to students and staff related to challenges that arise from the internet and email. Just recently schools across the state and nation, including within our own district, have been subject to email Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) attacks. Phishing emails are fraudulent messages sent by malicious individuals outside of our district pretending to be someone else, often with the intention of stealing sensitive information or tricking the recipient into taking harmful actions.

The purpose of these phishing emails is to deceive students into revealing personal contact and financial information, to avoid detection by district security systems.

To ensure the safety of our community, we encourage parents, students, and staff to remain vigilant and take the following precautions:

  • Be conscious when opening emails, verify the sender's email address and double check the content for any suspicious or unexpected requests.

  • Avoid clicking on unfamiliar links or downloading attachments. If you receive an email with a link or attachment that seems unusual or is unexpected. It is best to avoid clicking on it until you confirm its legitimacy.

  • Report any suspicious emails. If you receive a phishing email, please report it using the tools available in your email program.

  • Educate your child about phishing. Talk to your child about the importance of not sharing personal information online and being cautious when interacting with emails, especially those that ask for sensitive information.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure online environment for our schools, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our IT Department Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 3:30pm at or 760-726-2170 extension 92500.

Athletic Program Highlights

As we head into summer, Vista Unified student-athletes, coaches and families have much to celebrate about the accomplishments of their athletic programs. The Spring season of sport is winding down and many of our programs are hoping to finish strong in the CIF playoffs. At Mission Vista High School the Softball team earned a league championship and is still going strong in the playoffs. The Baseball program added another level and fielded its first ever freshman team. Golf and Track have many qualifiers for the CIF tournament, while E-Sports made a deep run in the state playoffs. Rancho Buena Vista High School Baseball captured another league title and Girls Lacrosse finished in the top four in their CIF division. Several other programs are currently making playoff runs, including Softball, Track and Field and Golf. The Vista Panthers Track & Field team is having a successful season and many individuals have qualified for CIF post-season events. The VHS Baseball team is currently making a run for the title in the CIF playoffs and the Softball team has demonstrated tremendous growth this season. This spring, the “Vista Family” is back at Alta Vista High School and Major General Murray High School. The schools have developed a partnership and team comradery to take the field of play together this spring. The Vista Family Flag Football team is playing their league contests and the student-athletes are continuing the strong tradition of Flag Football at Alta Vista and MGM.

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Safe Gun Storage Summer Education Night

As students head home for the summer, a reminder about safe gun storage is even more critical than ever. Research shows secure storage practices play a vital role in reducing the risk of gun violence and unintentional shootings. This means storing them locked, unloaded, and separate from ammunition.

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In partnership with the District Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement, Vista Unified will host a Summer Education Night this June. The event is designed to discuss how gun owners can make their homes and communities safer by storing their guns securely. For those interested, Law Enforcement will share information on an upcoming Gun Buyback Event where guns can be surrendered for gift cards. Additional information will be shared in an upcoming Community Update.

Vista’s Commitment: Fentanyl Awareness Campaign

News around the country continues to highlight the tragic events surrounding how fentanyl poisoning is negatively affecting the lives of our children. Vista Unified remains committed to continuous education for families about the dangers of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. Plans are underway to bring Community Education Events to Vista starting this fall. The first event will be co-hosted with the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, Oceanside Police, Vista Sheriff, and medical experts from the County of San Diego. Narcan will also be available at the event for no cost.

For families seeking resources about fentanyl or needing assistance, please visit the following websites:

Center for Disease and Controls

  • Find facts about fentanyl and opioid


  • Call 2-1-1 to speak to a representative who will help connect you to services and resources near you.

San Diego Access and Crisis Line

  • Call or chat on their website to connect with a counselor.

Substance Use Disorder Services (County of San Diego, Behavioral Health Services)

  • Find local substance use disorder prevention programs and treatment services.

It's Up to Us

  • Learn about substances and find resources for substance use disorder in San Diego.

San Diego Opioid Project

  • Learn about opioids, stages of addiction, stages of overdose, and local resources.

San Diego Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force

  • Find local treatment resources, toolkits for parents and healthcare providers, as well as local overdose statistics.


Matt Doyle, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Vista Unified School District