6-Q Update

6-Q Secret Valentines 2/14/13

Names have been exchanged. Students have been dropping hints. Students are asked to spend no more than $1 on a gift for their Secret Valentine. Gifts will be exchanged on Thursday 2/14. Hopefully, you have heard about this. Send me an email (dquinlisk@cbsd.org) if you have questions. By the way, the school store, also known as The Knick Knack Shack, is the perfect place for a kid to find the perfect Secret Valentine gift.

6-Q Kids Are Awesome

Recently, a 5th grade student joined 6-Q students for Physical Education class. This was the result of a schedule change in 5th grade. This student is accompanied by an educational assistant throughout the day. I was bursting with pride to read a letter written to me that day. Here are some excerpts: "... your students, in a free and natural spirit, surrounded her with friendship and compassion." The letter also said, " ... your students delivered smiles and high fives and they 'filled her bucket'". That is one of the nicest letters I've ever received. I thought you should know!

Introducing The Hot Seat

Have you heard about The Hot Seat? The Hot Seat is a way for kids to share what they like or appreciate about others. It's a time to kick back and share funny, inspiring, or heroic stories from the past. Each week someone from 6-Q is on "The Hot Seat". We form a giant circle and everyone shares something they appreciate about that person. So far, we've had two students sit on The Hot Seat. Hopefully, you'll hear more about this as the year goes on.

Mom Update

Whew! It's been an eventful month or so. We moved my mom into an assisted living facility and two days later she fell and fractured her pelvis. She is currently in rehab and will possibly be discharged by the end of this week. Last week we celebrated her 90th birthday!! My brothers and some of their children were able to join us and throw a small surprise party. It was great! The 6-Q kids made her birthday cards, sang happy birthday to her, and made get well soon cards. Like I said earlier, 6-Q kids are awesome!

New Furniture in Room 221

Did you hear that we now have a piano in room 221? That's right a real piano. Let me know if you are willing to be a guest piano player. Contatct me at dquinlisk@cbsd.org.