Time travel mission- Times beach

By Callie Clopp and Jacob Moore

Time Beach 1982

What happened? What happened was that dioxide was spread on the roads and when the flood happened the dioxide spread over the land and killed many animals and people. And they put the dioxide on the road because of a lot of dust. And it was hard to drive when it is dusty.

Who is responsible for this catastrophic? Russell Bliss is responsible

How did it affect the people, land, habitats, etc? It caused land erosion and habitat loss. Many people died from the dioxide. And the land was infected with it. And tons of animals and plants died because of it.

How is the area, people, etc today? The whole land in abandon. And that land is still really toxic.


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How could I change the past?

I could have changed the past by first knowing what was in the dioxide and how toxic it could be to people and animals. Next I could have found a way to spread the dioxide so that it wouldn't have been as harmful to society.