My Smore Flyer


my color is red. this color stands for energetic. reds are normally fun loving people who like jokes and are fast paced.


my animal personality is an otter. otters are very energetic and playful. otters are also bright and intelligent. otters often get along with most animal personality's.




lives in the present

sincere at heart

always a child

has energy and enthusiasm

doesn't hold grudges

likes spontaneous activities

my influence

The influence I have on people are normally good encouraging due to my positive attitude and ability to bounce back from almost anything. I also try to get people to have a little more fun in their life. But sometimes people take it the wrong way.

careers and hobbies

some of the careers of the otter include engineering and computers. Some hobbies of the otter are swimming ,surfing the web and reading. my favorite hobby of the otter is swimming. the career I was going to look into was animator and multimedia artist.

zodiac sign

my zodiac sign is the ram Aries. Aries element is fire. Aries live for the thrill of the moment. Aries are very active and outgoing but also impulsive. they are adventurous, and independent ,but can be too trusting. They have a gift of being children at heart. Aries have the ability to bounce back no matter what.

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