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SOLs start after Spring Break. Are you ready for some reviewing?

Let's review some tools for SOL review!

Some of these tools you heard about of last year - some are new!

SOL Pass

21st Century Grant has bought BMS a subscription to SOL Pass for this year. This allows teachers access to a wealth of Quia games that students can play on the laptops. The games target Social Studies and Science SOL review.

Want more Quia games? Do a search online for Quia and your subject or SOL. Lots of teachers have listed their Quia games on their websites and shared them with other teachers for free. Place the link on your website for free access. The quizzes (not the games) can be played on the ipads and can be accessed via QR codes. I made a set of these quizzes up for review for the SOL 8th grade writing test. I will be glad to show you how to access these tests for your subject. Just send me an email.

Link to SOL Pass:

Contact Roberta Franklin for the password.

On the laptops - Quizzes are available on the ipads via QR codes

Newsela for Non-Fiction Reading Practice

Register at this site and assign your students non-fiction current event articles that they can read on their level. You can customize the same articles for differentiation. Articles come with comprehension quizzes to test what they understand. This practice can be customized to any subject to increase student reading endurance for the SOL non-fiction passages. I have talked to teachers at other schools that sign up for the computer lab once a week throughout the year to practice this skill using Newsela. Enter your classes and track their reading and comprehension easily.


Video tutorial:

For use on the laptops or ipads.


I don't see enough teachers using this cool review tool!

Quizlet is a great resource for memorization. Register for free and then create flashcards that match your material. Or use flashcards made by other teachers. The search engine even allows you to search using SOLs. Then use these flashcards to review on your SmartBoard or create quizzes or create games. Instantly.


Video tutorial:

For use on the laptop or SmartBoard

Also app on ipads


I am glad to see Kahoot! take off! This game instills competition in the students as they learn from each other. You can either use the premade games in the search engine or you can create your own - either way students will be engaged!

Link: Kahoot!

Video on how to use Kahoot:

Use on ipads or with laptops

Class Tools

Class Tools has now expanded into educational gaming. The site allows teachers to create simple games that are accessed through multiple choice questions you create. You can choose from lots of templates for arcade games including PacMan, Dust Bin and more. Then the student answers the questions as they play the game. Each game you create has a unique URL address which you can save to your webpage so they can play at home or at school.

Link: ClassTools

Use on laptops only.


Zondle is another program you can use to either create your own games or use created games. These games can then be assigned to students to play individually or as teams in the classroom. You can use multiple choice questions or fill in the blank or true false.

Link: Zondle

Video tutorial:

Use on laptops only

SmartBoard Games for whole classroom review:

Jeopardy has been used for quite awhile now. Venture onto Smart Exchange to find some new games for your SmartBoard. I did a quick search and found templates for Risk, Hollywood Squares, Squish Ball, CandyLand, Baseball and more. Put in your own questions (or use released SOL questions) and you are ready to play!

To go to Smart Exchange:

On your laptop - doesnot require internet once you download the games.

CPS Clickers

I can help you enter the SOL released tests into ExamView or you can bring them up on the VDOE website. Then your class can use CPS clickers to answer the questions. This way you can use actual SOL questions and immediately target your review for what your students don't know. I will be glad to help you set this up. Just send me an email.

Want to be inspired to use CPS Clickers and Mobis? Go to this student made video promoting einstruction (and be amazed at what these students could do for a contest!)

On your laptop - does not require internet

Mobi Sets

Send me an email, and I will borrow a set of Mobi tablets from the SBO for your classroom. Then students can work as teams answering questions projected onto your SmartBoard. A set will provide 4 teams of students to work at the same time and compare answers. Once again, give me a chance to help set this up for you and show you how it works. Great for math students!

Watch it in action in this short video:

Uses your laptop - does not require internet

iPad/iPod apps

Some iPad apps run without using the internet.

Here's a great list:

  1. Pass the Past : produced in conjunction with VDOE for SOL review, this app focuses on the SOL history tests by grade level
  2. Master the Math : also produced in conjunction with VDOE for SOL review, this app focuses on the SOL math tests
  3. Tellegami/iMovie/Educreations : student made videos can be created and used to illustrate key ideas and then shown to the class for review
  4. PicCollage : make digital posters on review subjects using photos and text. Combine the images into a powerpoint to show to the class for review

Need some help? Or some more ideas just for your subject?

ask me to come by. I will be glad to stop in for any issue.

I am at BMS every Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday.

And always available via email...

Lately, I have had a number of meetings at SBO, so email if you can't find me.

I will make time for you.