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Principal Palatucci and the Coronado Foundation for the Future Executive Board

Happy April, Coronado Families and Community!

Our students are showing so much effort on their annual state testing! I am proud of our Dons. Thank you for helping us to encourage them every day to do their best!

Please continue to be diligent in keeping yourself and others safe. We have many exciting activities planned this month including, athletics, live performing art shows, prom, senior activities and graduation. In order to keep everyone safe we need to continue to practice wearing masks, physically distancing, and washing our hands. Thank you for helping to keep our campus safe.

As we approach the last few months of the semester please remember that attendance remains a critical factor in students' success. Every day matters at Coronado! Ensuring your child is at school and on time each day will positively impact their grades, ensure they are learning alongside their peers, and earning the credits they need to stay on track for graduation. Some tips to make sure your child is ready for school each day and on time:

  • Help your student learn how to have a nightly routine which includes going to bed earlier to help get enough sleep to be ready and rested each day.

  • Encourage your student to leave electronics such as video games and cell phones away from the bed--I know it’s difficult but it has done wonders for my own sleep to have my phone charging in another room. The light from screens can trick our brains into thinking it is still daylight and make it hard to fall asleep. I know it’s tough but give turning off the devices an hour before bed a try!

  • Help your student make a plan for the morning. Have necessary items ready to go the night before. Make sure your student knows how they are getting to school in the morning and allow enough time for travel in order to be in their seat by 7:45 am.

  • Encourage your student to reach out if they are struggling with something that is preventing them from having a decent sleep routine or getting here in the morning. We may be able to help!

Please enjoy this newsletter which contains much information about future events and celebrations.

Please reach out if I can ever be of help or if you have any questions. We are all in this together and we are here for you!

Amy Palatucci

Proud Principal

Thank You for your continued support of Coronado High School!

Did you know that Arizona taxpayers can claim a dollar-for-dollar credit on donations made to Coronado? We use tax credit donations to fund extra-curricular student activities such as field trips, buses, competition entry fees, and substitutes so that teachers can attend professional development seminars and workshops. Tax credit funds are also used to pay teachers to tutor students after school and on weekends. Contact Brandi Brumfield in the bookstore - 482-484-6848
Tax Credit Donations

Contact Brandi Brumfield in the bookstore - 482-484-6848

The JAG Program Prepares for the State Competition!

For the past month, the JAG Program has been busy preparing for the State Competition, The Career Development Conference. This year due to the pandemic, the competition will be virtual. Students compete against their peers across the state of Arizona. In addition to competitions, the students are also competing for scholarships, both national and local. We have a great chance to place in competition this year. Due to COVID-19, the Program of the Year and Career (Club) Association of the Year are not being judged.

Coronado JAG students are competing in the following competitions:

  • Writing Skills
  • Math Skills 101
  • Communication Triathlon
  • Entrepreneurship Summary
  • Public Speaking
  • News Design Script
  • Program Cover Design
  • Employability Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • T-Shirt Creation Competition
  • Banner

Wish our Program luck! The winners will be announced later this month.

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William Bermejo Lopez - 1400 Club

William just passed the 1400 pound mark in strength training, which has only been completed by two other students. As of March 31, 2021, he has accomplished the following:

320 lb Bench Press

495 lb Squat

405 lb Deadlift

205 lb Power Clean

Totaling 1425 lbs!

He received a 1400 lb Club shirt and a certificate. In addition, his photo to go on the Coronado Strong Wall of Fame. Now that is some serious strength!

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Mr Benjamin has also been teaching First Aid/CPR to all of the PE classes!

Autism Awareness Month

Our Coronado LRC teachers from left to right: Ms. Halverstadt, Ms. Getsla, Ms. Krauss, Ms. Wojcik, Ms. Wilton, and Ms. McClendon.
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Nurse's Notes

COVID-19 Update from Nurse Kris

Greetings Coronado families! As we head into these last few weeks of the school year we would like to remind our community that COVID-19 is still present, and we are still asking our families to be vigilant. Please continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently. If your student has any of the symptoms of COVID*, they should remain home from school until there is a documented diagnosis, and/or a negative COVID test, symptom free and/or they are cleared by their physician. If your student becomes sick with COVID-like symptoms during the school day, they will be sent home and can only return if they have no symptoms AND a negative test - or - they may stay home for 10 full days and engage in the online format. Please know we are STILL pulling close contact due to positive students. If your student has sat within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes of a student that has a confirmed positive test, they will be asked to quarantine for 10 full days* from last contact.

Please feel free to always reach out to me with any questions or concerns at or 480-484-6811. See below for an update on vaccine eligibility for students 16 and up! Thank you and stay safe!

Vaccine Eligibility

As of March 23, anyone age 16 and over is eligible for COVID-19 vaccine in Maricopa County at any state or county-run site, including pharmacies. People age 16 and 17 who would like to get vaccinated must:

  • Receive Pfizer vaccine (the only vaccine authorized by the FDA for 16- and 17-year-old people)
  • Show proof of age
  • Have parent/guardian consent and have a parent/guardian accompany them to the appointment

People age 18 and older can receive the Moderna, Pfizer or, Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) vaccines.

Is It Safe For My 16-Year-Old To Get Vaccinated?

After thorough review of safety and efficacy data from tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials, the Food and Drug Administration authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for distribution to individuals ages 16 years and older in December 2020. The only individuals who should not receive the vaccine are those who have a history of severe allergic reaction (such as anaphylaxis or requiring epinephrine injection or hospitalization) to this vaccine or any of its ingredients, such as polyethylene glycol (PEG). *16- and 17-year-olds do need parent/guardian consent.

Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are currently authorized for ages 18 and up. All three companies have begun clinical trials for younger kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics has advocated for the inclusion of adolescents and younger children in COVID-19 clinical trials so that this population can also benefit from a COVID-19 vaccine. View more vaccine facts and FAQs >
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Ms. Mandy Turner, Social Worker

Need Support?

Reach out to me via email at or through my Google Voice number, 480-331-6012. I am happy to do one-on-one check ins!

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Melinda Splitek - Assistant Principal, Educational Services

Educational Services Updates

Attention Senior Families: All seniors received information on graduation. Please review this information by visiting the Ed Services page on the Coronado website. Please be sure that you are checking your student’s grades weekly and working with teachers when you have concerns.

As of right now, students are only allotted 4 tickets for graduation and additional tickets cannot be purchased. All individuals attending graduation must have a ticket, regardless of age. Masks must be worn while attending graduation.

Students will receive their tickets after attending mandatory graduation rehearsal on May 27 at 8 am. Only students who have successfully earned the 22 required credits for graduation will be allowed to participate in graduation and graduation related activities.

Graduation gowns are scarlet this year. Gowns can still be ordered by visiting Please order your student’s gown ASAP.

For questions about graduation, please email Ms. Splitek at You can also call Ms. Splitek at 480-484-6805.

We are very excited to see our class of 2021 walk across the stage and receive their diploma this year. GO DONS!

Registration for Summer School is Open!

Registration for Summer School is OPEN and classes fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Attending Summer School is a great option for students who want to complete course credit, replace a poor grade, or to learn a semester of content within a three-week timeline. It is $25 a course for students in district.

1st session June 7-24, 2021

2nd session July 6-23, 2021

GEAR UP for Success

Coronado Foundation for the Future are in the process of selecting recipients for the Coronado Promise Scholarship. They have received 29 applications and will be choosing 13 recipients. The interview process will begin next week.
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Joe Olney - Assistant Principal, Student Services

Student Services Updates

  • You can order the 20-21 yearbook for $65. Please contact Brandi Brumfield to purchase a yearbook. She can be reached at or 480-484-6848.

  • Having great attendance and being on time for classroom instruction is important for students to be successful. Your students attendance and grades can be monitored through ParentVue: If you need assistance with ParentVue please contact Rebecca Rivera at 480-484-6822.
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Tony Miller, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Athletics Updates

  • Dylan Pendleton and Rachael Grapevine were awarded the Scottsdale Charros Co-Athletes of the Year!

  • The athletic department hosted our first Positive Coaching Alliance workshop of the year on March 27. The workshop was geared towards our student athletes and it was called "The Triple Impact Competitor".

  • We will be hosting our 2nd Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony on Saturday, April 24 at 10:00 am at the Coronado Stadium.

  • Coronado Athletics has created an all new booster club to help support all of our athletic programs. If you are interested in becoming and athletic sponsor, please reach out to our Athletic Director, Tony Miller at

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2021 Coronado Prom

Saturday, May 1st, 7-11pm

455 North Galvin Parkway

Phoenix, AZ

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PTSO - Coronado Parent Teacher Student Organization

PTSO is the Parent, Teacher, Student Organization that supports Coronado and its community. We meet monthly to discuss activities and the needs of the school. We have been able to be more active during second semester and show our appreciation for our teachers, staff, and students. We raised funds through Facebook, in-person donation, and PayPal. This allowed us to provide a Teacher Appreciation Tamale Luncheon for our the teachers and staff. This occurred right after Spring Break as a great way to kick off the final quarter of the school year and being able to be back to school in person for full days for the first time in a year.

Our teachers and staff have been pushed to the limits and outside the comfort zones to provide the quality education and learning environment that is the standard at Coronado. They have been creative, compassionate, and brilliant. We love them so much!! The funds we raised also helped us to provide snacks for the students to kick-off state testing. Our students have risen to the challenges of learning at home, learning online, attending half days with alternating schedules, and finally back on campus like “normal.” We provided many snacks, including granola bars, fruit snacks, candy, chips, apples, and bananas, after school on the first day of testing to encourage the students to continue to do their best and to show our love for how well they have navigated this year and its challenges.

As we enter into the last seven weeks of school, PTSO is planning a Senior Sunset BBQ to celebrate our graduating Class of 2021 and swag for our Seniors. PTSO meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month via Zoom at 6:30 pm. We welcome any parent, teacher, student, or community member that wants to help Coronado.

This may have been a crazy year, but we are moving forward and happy to be growing. As we finish this year and look to the beginning of next year, we are in need of volunteers to fill board positions, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, please consider donating your time to assist with these roles that benefit Coronado’s teachers, staff, students, parents, and community.

Free and Reduced Application - English

If you would like to print and turn in a paper application, please follow this link.

Free and Reduced Application - Spanish

Si desea imprimir y entregar una solicitud en papel, siga este enlace.

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