4th Grade Flyer

Ms. Fornelli's Class News

February 29th - March 4th

Dear Families,

This week we'll continue our historical fiction novel study. The students are doing a great job showing their evidence of close reading strategies as they read these novels in class.

Students will be working on a response to text throughout the week with evidence.

We'll also be reviewing poetry this week and how it compares to prose and drama.

Study Ladder Assignment

This week students have an assignment on https://www.studyladder.com/

Students should have their username and password taped to the inside of their planner.

After logging in, go to "Set Tasks." Students should see their assignments listed. Students will have some class time to complete this assignment, but not all students will be able to finish this at school.

This completed assignment is due by Friday.

Upcoming Dates

March 7 - Progress Reports

March 15- No School Teacher Workday

March 18 - Last Day of Quarter Dismissal at 11:45

April 11- First Day of 4th Quarter

May 19- Raleigh Field Trip


Monday- Read for 20 min, Study Ladder assignment due Friday

Tuesday -Read for 20 min, Study Ladder assignment due Friday

Wednesday- Read for 20 min, Study Ladder assignment due Friday

Thursday -Read for 20 min, Study Ladder assignment due Friday

What's Happening This Week?

Reading: Students will participate in a novel study to analyze characters and plot

Poetry by Langston Hughes

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis

Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry by Mildred Taylor

*Study of Character in depth


*infer with evidence

*Connect to text





Responses to Text with Evidence including Quotes


Students will study vocabulary in context of their novels- students will track words from their novels


*Make connections to known and new words

*Find words with the same number of syllables

*Find words with the same part of speech

*Find words with the same endings

*Find synonyms for the word


parts of speech, types of sentences, capitalization rules

Raleigh Field Trip

Parent lunches are included in the cost of the "Parent Chaperone" fee and will be purchased from the Acro Cafe. These are typically nicer lunches for on a different bread, etc., but you may choose to bring your own lunch or purchase your own the date of the trip.

The date for our Raleigh field trip is May 19. If you have not sent in your permission slip and payment, it is due by February 26th.

We are able to take as many parents on this trip as would like to come. This is a wonderful field trip and we encourage parent participation. Parents interested in attending this field trip as a chaperone must complete a level 2 clearance from the county. The cost of this clearance is $20, but it will cover you for 3 years. Directions for completing this clearance can be found on the link below.