Nick Vujicic

a preacher, speaker, and one awesome daredevil.

Important dates

Nick was born December 4, 1982. He was married at the age of 29 on February 12, 2012. He is expecting a baby. He went to South Africa to speak in 2002. (no specific date)
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Why this person is special.

Nick was born with only two feet and no limbs. Because of his disability, his life was opened to new and better experiences than if he had limbs. He travels the world and speaks professionally. Though he has a major disability, he still skateboards, walks, swims, and has fun doing it. He isn't afraid to take risk and get his hands dirty.

These are some of Nicks care givers.

How he affected the world.

How has he helped the world?

Going through life Nick has had some bullying problems. He has used that to his advantage and speaks professionally about bullying, hoping to stop the torture he once went through. "All it takes to enlighten a broken kid is one complement." He also speaks about his religion, which is Christianity. He hopes to make people become more involved, both physically and spiritually.

How I would describe him.

Spiritual is the word to describe how he is devoted towards Christianity.

Quick-witted is how i would describe his mind.

He is resourceful for being able to find ways to use his disability to relate to people.

Unique is the way i would describe his appearance.

Strong is how i would describe his upper body strength, considering that's all he's got.

His life has been shaped by many changes.

One of the worst things that happened to this person was bullying. Bullying caused major changes in his life. He devoted his life to stop the bullying. He moved from Australia to America then back to Australia. He gave all of his life savings to an African charity. He faced many challenges all of which he over came them with his great personality.

Life Without Limits,Nick Vujicic,copyright 2010,Publish, Waterbrooke.