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November 13

MSA Tigers and Gamecocks for People Bowl - 3rd Quarter Update

The 3rd quarter started off with a bang! The Gamecocks shocked everyone when they returned the second-half opening kick-off 88 yards to score the first touchdown of the quarter! Of course, the Tigers could not let those points go unanswered. They showcased their running game and scored their own touchdown after an extended possession. While the Tigers’ defense shut down the Gamecocks offensively for most of the quarter, the Tigers had an unfortunate turnover right before the quarter ended which led to another Gamecock TD. Who knows what the 4th quarter will bring!?! Fans of both teams are filled with excitement as we wait to see what the final outcome will be! Score at the end of 3Q: Gamecocks 20, Tigers 17.

Your team needs your support and AIM Food Pantry does, too! Let’s make this a winning bowl game for all, Tiger and Gamecock fans!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr. Hill

Holiday Travel and Return to School Post-Holidays

Please take a moment to view this document from the MSA school nurse, Susanna Merriman, concerning holiday travel and a safe return to school post-holidays.

Dates to Remember

Remember that you can always check the MSA website calendar for upcoming calendar events.

November 20 - Thanksgiving Blessing

November 23-24 - Remote learning day for K5-HS, extended day available for IT-UE

November 25-27 - Thanksgiving Break, all programs closed

Primary Porch Works

These Primary Three students are enjoying the beautiful fall weather we've been having lately by doing their works outside on the porch.
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This week in Lower and Upper Elementary Horticulture, the students measured the seeds that have germinated, weeded, and, in several cases, reseeded plants because they haven't grown. Hopefully this week's rain helps the plants grow! Each student has a garden diary in which they keep notes, drawings, and measurements.
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