by: Kenny, Shane, Jessica N., and Jessica O.

Math by: Kenny

We are learning about polyhedrons, which are 3D shapes. Some examples are triangular prism, rectangular prism, cylinder, sphere, and pyramid. The parts of a polyhedron are edges, vertices, base, and face. We even made 3D shapes with paper. We also reviewed parallel lines and symmetry. On Friday we had our multiplication timed test.

Science by: Jessica N.


During science we are learning about special vocabulary and observing our plants that we are taking care of. Every table has their own plant. We water them every morning of school and keep the plants by the window. When we are learning about acquired traits and inherited traits. Acquired traits means to get something while growing up. Inherited traits are you get something from family members.

Reading by: Shane

Reading By: Shane

This week our story is a person who swam across the English Channel. The Genre: Biography. The Author purpose is: inform and entertain. At first her first coach pulled her out of the water because the coach thought she took in too much water. Then her new coach knew she can do it. We are also learning about fact and opinion. Here is an example of a fact: Many people were saying Trudy couldn't do it. This is an example of an opinion: Most people don't think she is perfect.

Writing by: Jessica O.

What do you think we are writing about in writing? We are writing about Dr. Suess! Instead of the paragraph of the week we are writing a biography about Dr. Suess' life. In our biography we have to include the topic sentence, his birth, childhood, college, adult (accomplishments), death, and closing. We are also doing the famous first. Example Harriet Tubman was the first to help free the slaves. The famous women in history was another writing activity we had. For example, Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across the English Channel.