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Your Year on Twitter

The above graphic shows the most substantial tweets and followers for our IDGTechTalk account. To interact with this graphic click here. To see how your Twitter account stacked up click here. All you have to do is enter the email address associated with your account and the program will automatically generate an interactive infographic. Cool stuff!!

Visual Resources

What is Digital Marketing?

Very informative infographic on how to improve digital marketing - including info on SEO, content creation, and email marketing.

The Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing

An infographic detailing how B2B marketers are using content marketing techniques and the biggest challenges they face.

Email Mostly Mobile

Smart phones are bypassing Webmail and Desktop as the way people view their email. This infographic breaks it down by country, device carrier, and where email is most often viewed.

Informational Articles

B2B Lead Gen & Social Media Marketing Wins with Sequenced Content

Miranda Miller highlights two companies toping the sequenced content market.

2012 Internet Trends Year-End Update

An awesome presentation from Mary Meeker on the state of the web - includes some great then and now graphics that are worth checking out.

Mobile Is Entertainment

Some interesting facts on how mobile is quickly replacing the desktop and may soon be overtaking the TV.

Five Presentation Mistakes Everyone Makes

Follow these five simple tips to amp up your presentations and better engage with your audience.

10 Examples of QR Code Madness

Some hilarious examples of where you should most certainly not place QR codes.

5 Things That Can Go Wrong in Online Communitites

Coming from our very own, Ron Miller explains the top 5 things that can go wrong in online communities and how these problems can be avoided.

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