The Retirement of MBC's Pastor Charles D. Twymon

It is with understanding yet heavy hearts that we announce the retirement of Charles D. Twymon, pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church of Detroit Michigan. Pastor Twymon has served as the undershepherd of Macedonia for 41 years, in that time, the church membership has grown to over 700 parishioners, two church buildings have been acquired, debt-free, and he has maintained a stellar reputation as a husband, a father, and a pastor. The parishioners of Macedonia Baptist church are grateful for Pastor and Sister Loraine Twymon's 41 years of service to our church. Words cannot express how much we love Pastor and First Lady Twymon. Their years of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to winning souls for the Kingdom of God has been a gift to this assembly. His obedience to the Holy Spirit has helped this assembly to grow spiritually, financially, and in membership. He has led us with the truth of God’s holy and inspired word and did not waver in his commitment to preaching the unadulterated truth and spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We ask that members of Macedonia and fellow believers of Christ pray for this assembly as we embark upon the difficult journey of carefully selecting our new leader. All members are strongly encouraged to attend all Sunday services and church business meetings to stay informed and to participate in the selection process.

Preachers and ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who are interested and feel led by God to take on the responsibility of becoming the new undershepherd of this body of believers known as Macedonia Baptist Church, please see the Pastoral Vacancy posting for details.

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The Macedonia Baptist Church of Detroit is currently seeking a Pastor to serve our congregation and community. We seek a Pastor who has the qualifications as outlined in I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; and I Peter 5:2-3. In addition to these qualifications, the Pastor must be a born again, spirit-filled, licensed and duly ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who possesses a genuine testimony of his call by God.

Position Description:

  • The Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church of Detroit shall be responsible for leading the church to determine its mission and move toward the attainment of its mission.

  • The Pastor shall be in charge of the worship services and function as Chief Executive Officer of the general church activities, but is, at all times, responsible to the membership.

  • The Pastor’s duty is to:

    • Watch over the personal experience and life of the members

    • To exhort, admonish, reprove, and rebuke, as one who is entrusted with the care of souls.

    • Expects to give account of his stewardship.

  • The work of the Pastor shall consist of his sacerdotal functions of:

    • Baptism

    • Administering the Lord’s supper, dedications, weddings, funerals

    • Conducting worship services

    • Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

    • Teaching

    • Counseling

    • Visitation

    • Administration

Interested candidates must submit the following:

  1. ___ Letter of interest with attached resume including a summary of relevant ministry, professional, and educational experience. (Please include an email address & phone number)
  2. ___ A copy of Ministerial license and ordination certificate.
  3. ___ Copy of all applicable educational transcripts and certificates
  4. ___ Link to a preached sermon within the last 12 months
  5. ___ Recent photograph of yourself
  6. ___ Three letters of recommendation (From your current pastor, deacon or executive board member, and layperson of the church)

*If selected as a potential candidate, you must consent to a full background check including criminal history, a drug test, credit check, and financial history review.

To apply, please email the required documents to the following email address:

You may also mail in required documents to:

14221 Southfield Fwy, Detroit, MI 48223

Walk-in resumes will not be accepted.

Please use the above email address for inquires. No phone calls please.

Deadline to submit Letter of Interest and Resume: Thursday, May 6, 2021