Andy Warhol

5th Grade Art

Endangered Animals Printmaking

1. Read the article quietly with a partner at your table

2. Answer:

What is an endangered species?

Which one of Andy Warhol's animals is your favorite? Why?

3. Go to the WWF site and choose an endangered animal

4. Google Image Search > Type your animal line drawing . (Example: narwhal line drawing)

5. Save photo to your iPad

6. Sketch your animal - fill the page!

7. Next time we will trace on to our styrofoam

Andy Warhol screenprinting
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Emoji Watercolor Project

1. Pick 2 or 4 emojis that tell a story

2. Practice drawing your 3 emojis in your sketchbook

3. Fold BIG paper into 8ths

4. Draw emojis VERY LARGE in a checkerboard pattern

5. Trace in COLORFUL crayons

6. Watercolor 1 different color over each square

Minion Self Portrait

1- Draw a large twinkie or jellybean shape.

2- Add overalls and goggles.

3- Add details. Draw your hair, your eye color, details that describe you.

4- Color with colored pencils, markers, or crayons.

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Creativity Express: Newton's discovery


1- Work as a table to complete the COLOR GROUPS worksheet and COLOR WHEEL

2- Work individually to FINISH SOUP CAN or work on GRID DRAWING

3- Mz. Scott will take your picture for our Pop Art Self Portraits we will start next time!

Biography Cube

1 - Artist's Name

Year Born - Year Died

2- Photo of Artist

3- Artwork

4- Artwork

5- Fact

6- Fact

Shape Sculptures

Your mission today:

To create a 3D paper sculpture using MOSTLY your assigned seat SHAPE!


Any person should be able to look at it and know what your shape is!

Try to be done by END of class!

Big picture
Big picture

Soup Cans

1- Trace Campbell's to your can

2- Decorate and color your can

The ONLY space that could be white is the Campbell's!

3- Cut out your soup can

Recycle scraps!

4- Name and 5N, 5MA, or 5MC on the back

Turn in to big class folder.

5- Make a ZenTangle OR work on MoMA Art Lab App on iPad.

Download Nearpod app below.

Close your iPad and slide it to the middle of your table when it is completely downloaded.

Ugly Sweater Decoration

1. Finish Warhol Quote Collage - Turn in to front of room

Must Have:

  • Background design made of collaged paper
  • Quote
  • Signature
  • Photo of Artist
  • Name & 5MC, 5MA, or 5N on back!

2. Decorate Ugly Sweater

Use Colored Pencils!

Warhol Quote Collage

1. What is a collage?

2. Your collage must have:

  • COLORFUL background made from paper scraps!
  • 1 quote
  • 1 photo of Warhol
  • 1 signature
  • 1 artwork by Warhol

Finish Printing

1. Print 2nd color on ALL of your prints. Double check- NAME and 5N, 5MC, or 5MA on back???

2. Throw away styrofoam when done.

3. Put animal prints on placemat on drying rack.

4. Free Print! Use tiny styrofoam!

Print 4 times on 1 piece of paper!

Think like Andy Warhol. What type of image would he make?

An everyday object like Campbell's soup? A symbol like a money sign?


1. Finish tracing directly on top of your styrofoam.

You need a nice, deep, dark line.

2. Print AT LEAST 6 prints!

Name and Class Code on back of EVERY print!

Use both white and colored paper!

3. Place your table's prints on 1 placemat, put placemat on drying rack!

MoMA Art Lab & Smore Site

-Download MoMA Art Lab App and make a digital collage!

-On your iPad, make a folder with a shortcut to this smore site and the MoMA Art Lab App in it. Name the folder ART.

-Work on a digital collage in the MoMA Art Lab App.

Big picture
Big picture

Warhol Pop Portrait

1- Cut out picture into a SQUARE

2- Tape tracing paper on top of picture


4- Flip tracing to BACK SIDE

5- Tape to big paper and TRANSFER!

6- Repeat 3 more times!

7- Trace with sharpie, erase pencil lines. Put placemat UNDER your paper!

Welcome to Art!

Popular Culture defined - From Goodbye-Art Academy