Mocking Jay

By Suzanne Collins

After Katniss is rescued from the arena by the rebels she agrees to be the symbol of the rebellion. When the rebels rescue Peeta and the others from the Capitol it is quickly learned that Peeta has been brainwashed into hating Katniss when he tries to kill her upon seeing her.

After the rebels take back the districts they start attacking the Capitol itself. Katniss and her team make their way through the booby trapped city. Losing several of their team as they go. After awhile Katniss is pushing toward Snow's manison, which has many human child sheilds. Afterwards, supply packages rain down from a hovercraft onto these children and a rebel medical team, which includes Katniss's sister Prim, but instead of supplies there are bombs and all the children die and so does the entire medical team. After Snow's capture he is tried and found guilty. During a conversation with Snow before his exicution is supposed to take place, Snow tells him that the final bombing that killed her sister was not ordered by the Capitol, but by Coin, the leader of the rebellion. At the exicution of Snow Katniss kills Coin instead of Snow because she knows that he was telling the truth. That it was Coin that ordered the final bombing. After the riot that insued, Snow was found dead, having either choked on his on blood or being tramped by the crowd.

I would recommend reading this because it is very interesting and exciting. Also it thriller and also very sad. It is also about hope and to never give up. But most importantly about how love always finds a way.