CCPS Learning

websites and apps for you - Issue 1


Ways of communication are always changing. In our incredibly busy school lives it is hard to absorb all that is available to us from so many different directions. We try to centralise info but as we are all 21st century learners there is always a new way to share information. With this in mind CCPS has established an information flyer dedicated to websites and apps . This newsletter will be emailed to you each week. It will also be archived on our wonderful website - so there will be a record of all content. It will also be tweeted out each week.

Sharing our pedagogical knowledge is at the cornerstone of what makes great schools. This flyer will only exist if we all collaborate to it. We are so lucky that at CCPS we have a staff of wonderful teachers who are willing to go that extra step to enhance ,excite and extend the learners at our school.


Websites of the Week

Different websites will be featured each week. These websites will cover all stages ( you don't know what you'll be teaching next year) and KLAs as well as Professional Development. If you or your KLA team are using a website that you value and would like to share it, please send me a link and a brief outline on how you are using it in class and and I will highlight it here in the coming weeks.

This week in preparation for our work this year with the Australian Curriculum and the different NSW Syllabi the major websites are being featured.

App of the Week

Mobile technology for CCPS in 2013

I am being a little bit premature for this but you can have a play with them. I know also that some teachers are bringing in their own iPads or old iPhones/iPod Touch for their class to use while we are in the planning phase for iPads and wireless access for the school. So moving forward there will be an App of the week in preparation. As above if you are using an app which is helping achieve student outcomes please send me the link and a brief review and it will be featured.

4 Pics 1 Word

My nephews & nieces (Tom, Ben & Billy all Stage 3, Holly Stage 1 , Charlotte Stage 5 & Annabelle Stage 4 students) showed me at different times this app. Fantastic for Stage 1 and up. The app is a puzzle that challenges users to think outside the box. The app displays 4 images that appear unrelated but in fact can be linked by 1 word that players have to guess. This is a free app from the itunes store - Highly addicted