Ariana Grande

Niema Nwaeke

3 Basic facts about Ariana Grande

  1. Her full-name is Ariana Butera Grande

  2. Her date of birth is: 6/26/93

  3. She has one older sibling named Frankie J. Grande

What Ariana did as a child to get where she is today?

  • At a young age Ariana was good at acting and singing, she started out in the local theaters and later in 2008 landed a role of charlotte on the broadway production 13. Two years later, she appeared in the musical Cuba Libre and had a small role on a TV show called The Battery’s Down. But soon after that she landed a role on a TV show called victorious.

who inspired Ariana grande to sing?

When Ariana was a child she was on a cruise and Ariana was walking around singing and a famous Hispanic singer heard her and told her she was good. But the people that inspired Ariana Grande is: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Down below is where Ariana is singing a Mariah Carey.
Ariana Grande - Emotions (Mariah Carey Cover) Lyrics

What is Ariana currently doing?

Ariana Grande is currently focusing on her singing career, and obviously she is really good at it because she scores #1 on the build board when she makes a song or a new album. She is also making 10 million dollars a year in the music business so imagine if she did both acting and singing right now! She is currently working on a album called Dangerous Women and I think that is making #1 on the build board.

My Fan Letter (artifact #1)

Dear Ariana,

I just wanted you to know that even though we never met I still feel like were the same and are probably Best friends (only in my mind), Even though some people don't like you and judge you doesn't mean I'm going to turn on you. There so much things I wish I could do like you but hey I can be me with your inspiration. I feel sometimes that as you get more famous you forget about your true fans and the ones that actually care about the things you do (such as me).

P.S. you inspire me

Yours Truly, Niema Nwaeke

My poem to Ariana grande (artifact #2)

You make the world beautiful with 1 smile

You make us happy with your wonderful voice

You are the only one I look up to (besides my mom)

Every time I hear your voice my ears can't explain it with words.

I want to hear your beautiful voice called music again and again to make sure I'm not dreaming

My picture to Ariana grande (artifact #3)

This is something that took time to make and I think Ariana would like it