A note from Miss Bucci's Class

Saying farewell to advertising

With the completion of our argumentative essays, we are done with our advertising unit. During this unit, students learned how to analyze advertisements in order to identify persuasive appeals, techniques, and claims. They had fun applying the knowledge we gained in class in order to analyze advertisements they saw on TV commercials, magazines, online, etc. The class especially enjoyed sharing what we noticed in commercials during the Super Bowl. While we did many fun activities during this unit, students had to complete several challenging assessments, including their infographics. Ask your son/daughter to see theirs if you have not done so already!

Next up...Novel Study: Tangerine

We have already begun preparing for our next novel study in class by conducting research projects on topics we will encounter in our novel, Tangerine. Our novel study officially begins on Monday, February 22nd, so if you are planning on obtaining your own copy of the novel for your son/daughter to have, they should have it in class by that date.

We will be practicing skills such as annotating, inferencing, characterization, analyzing figurative language, making connections and more all throughout this unit. Students will receive a calendar for this unit later this week. Please use the calendar to help your child stay on top of his/her work and practice time management skills, especially if they will be busy some nights. This unit will take us all the way up to Spring Break (it's closer than we think!).

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