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lets get to the basics

contagious.fungi.infection.All of these are part of a common disease called ringworm.Ringworm is highly contagious disease that can spread easily and fast from one person to another,so beware because you don't know who is infected and learn how to prevent this terrible disease.
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how do i prevent it?

if someone is infected with the ringworm,i highly recommend not to touch them in the place where they are infected.In other words,don't even touch them at all because if i were you i wouldn't want to get infected.Its also very common for animals to have ringworm,dogs and cats are just some examples.Even though there are cures for ringworm, it is hard to avoid because anyone can get this.Some of the ways you can avoid ringworm is by wearing flip-flops when you are the pool and/or the locker room because you can also get it on your feet.Lastly,you should always wash your hands even if your not infected.

how do you get ringworm?

There are different types of way to get ringworm,but the most common way to this disease is by touching the infected person.Another way to get ringworm is by touching some of the items the infected person has touched such as doorknobs.Yet another reason why is from animals.Some animals but not all such as guinea pigs,dogs,cats,and cattle have ringworm on their skin.Lastly,you can get it from soil but this rarely happens.

and in the end...

this is a terrible,terrible disease and trust me if I were you I wouldn't want to get this.like I said earlier,this is very common and can spread farily easily and quickly.In the end nobody wants to get infected,you may not die from this but it is very annoying and terrible to have.