Federal Republic of Austria

European Union

Austria joined the European Union in 1995. It was not a founding country of the EU, but given it's neutrality, it was a perfect place to hold EU meetings.


Austria currently uses the EURO. Prior to this, they used a schilling.

Austria's flag

The Austrian flag design is one of the oldest that is still around today. It comes from the third crusade. Duke Leopold V was wearing a white tunic that was covered in blood. Eventually, he took of his sash which left a white stripe on the sash.

Fun Facts:

Austrians only give flowers in odd numbers because even ones are bad luck. Austrians dress up really nice even if they are only going to the store. Austrians don't ask "how are you?" Unless they want to hear a long and detailed story.

Tourism and Geography

Austria is a really beautiful place and the people are really fun to be around. The diverse geographical features include mountains, lakes, valleys, flatlands, the Danube River (second largest river in Europe), and forests. Austrians are really laid back. They try to live with as little stress as possible.


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