Biology News

Weeks 13-14

End of the Semester

Thanks for the hard work these past 18 weeks students! You have all put in so much dedication in succeeding these first two quarters :) It's very much appreciated. This week you have no new work due. Your expectations for this week are to review your work. If you would like to redo an assignment, you must contact me by Tuesday at noon, for the reset, and complete it by Wednesday at noon. All outstanding DBAs must be completed by Wednesday at noon. This is non-negotiable as all outstanding zeroes will be added Wednesday afternoon. Please review your grades and reach out to me if you have questions :)

Second Semester

New Classes with Open on 1/20/2014

Your second semester classes (3rd and 4th quarters) are expected to open on 1/20. This is a holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) so teachers will not be in the office but you have the option of getting started early. Your first official school day is Tuesday, 1/21. Thanks for being anxious to get started :)