For Darkness Shows the Stars

By Diana Peterfreund Smore by Jasmine Guillory

Charater Analysis

Elliot North lives and a privileged family, which makes them kind of selfish and mean to the reduce(their servants), but Elliot is very nice and giving to everyone and very helpful. She is also filled with so much emotions that she keep down for her friend Kai, and the field, etc. . Since Elliot's dad refuses to listen when she talks about bills and everything she kind of becomes more of the person supporting the family, so she is given a lot a responsibilities at a young age which is guess kind of pushes her to become what she is today.

Rising Action

. Her father destroyed her wheat field to make a racetrack

. Elliot finds out that a famous Admiral would like to rent rooms at their manor and use some of their slaves to help build a new ship

. Elliot pays a visit to the Boatwright which is her grandfather and tells him he needs to move back to the manor because the Admiral will be needing his rooms

. Elliot is introduced to the Admiral and his wife as well as his captains.

Turns out that ...


One of the captains turns out to be her childhood friend, Kai, who now calls himself Captain Wentforth and that's when things started to get interesting.

Falling Action

. Elliot and her sister Tatiana, accompanied by another old Luddite family, Horatio and Olivia Grove meet the guests. Kai takes an interest in Olivia and Elliot pretends that she doesn't care.

. Kai continues to make rude remarks about her under the influence of anger and betrayal

. Andromeda, one of the captains, shows Elliot a sun cart part of the new technology they invented.

. Elliot learns that her grandfather is dying from having small strokes every day

. They go to the cliffs a play a childhood game jumping of the cliffs and Olivia, tries to jump herself but falls and is severely injured

. Kai reveals that when he was in the enclaves (the dangerous places where free Posts gather), he took the risk to be experimented upon in order to survive.

. Elliot hears that her grandfather has passed. She mourns for him alone since no one else seems to care (jerks)...

. Elliot's family force her to join the house party they cold-heartedly organized for their new racing track. Elliot is near the breaking point of not caring about what her family thinks anymore. Elliot starts to stand up to her father flippantly when before she used to be ultra aware of trying not to make a scene or embarrassing her family.

. Later that day, Elliot's grandfather's will is read aloud



Elliot's grandfather's will is read aloud. In the will, it is revealed that Elliot will be given the entire estate and almost everything in it. , the Baron has the reduced workers at gun-point to threaten Elliot into doing his will. In a surprising twist, Elliot doesn't give in and leaves. The posts and reduced workers riot against the Baron much to Elliot's dismay, as she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. She needed to stay and protect the reduced workers from the poor treatment and neglect they would get from her father and sister. Eventually, Elliot will get the estate. She and Kai will reunite - Kai will understand why Elliot couldn't just leave the estate and run off with him.


The story is set in a world where many people are born "reduced" or mentally undeveloped as a by-product of genetic enhancement gone wrong and the world has been destroyed by war over technology.


Kai and Elliot were friends ( more than friends) when they were young. Kai asked Elliot to run off with her but she bound by her duties and pressured by societal expectations as well as familial objections, and refused. Then four years later she finds out her father destroyed her field the little money that they had left for a racetrack then she finds a letter explaining that a famous Admiral would like to rent rooms at their manor and use some of their slaves to help build a new ship(rising action) she takes this as a way to make more money for her family and ask her grandfather( the Boatwright ) to move. She soon has a chat with the Admiral and his wife as well as his captains. She soon meets Kai again which made a lot of arguments and old felling's