Week at a Glance

Youngblood Intermediate

Week of January 20-24, 2020

Happy Birthday this month to:

1/4-Amanda Barbee

1/6-Sandra Mitchell

1/11-Diana Hurtado

1/31-Rozanna Mukoro


Monday (1/20)-Electives: None
  • Staff/Student Holiday

Tuesday (1/21)-Electives: A3

  • Content SLO Assessment #2

Wednesday (1/22)-Electives: B3

  • 6th Grade Safety Presentation during electives (see Mitchell's email)
  • Karina's Baby Shower @ 4:30 p.m.

Thursday (1/23)-Electives: A4

  • 5th Math CCA #6: Data Analysis and Personal Financial Literacy

Friday (1/24)-Electives: B4


  • Please join us at Karina's Baby Shower on Wednesday, January 22nd!
  • Please talk to your students about "See something, say something". If students share any concerns with you, please be sure to let an administrator know!