No Teacher Left Behind

Do we need a consistent standard?

How do we provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers?

Let's kick around a few ideas about we require at least 3 credit hours of continuing education per year, per teacher, at the expense of the school district? Or use web seminars that are viewed once a month at staff meetings to keep teachers up on the latest technology trends?

Must teachers meet a specific standard?

In my opinion, yes! Not everybody with a degree is fit to teach, just as everybody that passes nursing school does not make a great nurse. Teachers need to be critiqued through parent/student/boss/co-worker feedback. They must show the ability to help nurture the education of their students. Teachers need to continually grow their methods to keep up with the changing trends of our students today.

Teachers need better preparation

Why do I say this?

Our students are far behind their peers globally. Although we spend some of the most per student, the US continues to score low in math and science. We must prepare our teachers to get students on track and advanced if they are to compete for jobs someday.