Every Drop Counts by Alexandra

save water

Where is water?

Our water is all around us it can be in dams, river, tap, billabong and etc. we are using at least half more of the percentage we are supposed to use. An extravagant amount for things we don’t even need but some of things keep us healthy which if we waste it will be the end for us. We use it for drinking, giving hygiene (showers) and eating with clean plates.

Wasting water?

What would happen to us if we all keep on wasting water? We would die because without water we couldn’t drink we couldn’t have showers to keep our hygiene up we couldn’t water our garden which meant no food so I suggest you start saving water otherwise you could let down the whole entire nation!

how do we waste water?

turn off the shower when soaping up, we do the opposite. use rain water for gardening, we do the opposite. drink all the water in a cup, we do the opposite and pour a little out.

What can you do to save the world?

1. Use rain water instead of tap and hose water for gardening.

2. Set a goal every week for how much water you use.

3. Put up posters around so that they can identify on how we are wasting water

go and think of ways you can be a worrier!

Fun Facts on Water

Did you know that 97% of our water is salty and undrinkable?

Did you know that 2% of our water is locked in ice caps?

Did you know that only 1% of our water is for all of our needs? So thats why we need to step up and be water worriers.

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