Participate in the Boycott!

Come, help us end segregation of the Montgomery Bus System!

The time is now to make our move!

Rosa Parks was recently arrested for not wanting to give up a bus seat which she had first! Martin Luther King Junior has offered his full support of the boycott! Other prominent supporters include the NAACP MIA, and the WPC, and their leader, Jo Ann Robinson. We will be boycotting all buses in the Montgomery Bus System. We will also set up carpools for your transportation! We are not going to go all Gandhi on you all!

Where? I think you all know the city! But if not, you need to see a doctor, it's below.

Saturday, Nov. 14th 195 at 10pm


Dothan, AL

We are going to end the segregation of buses and get Rosa Parks released! This is the time to get us treated as equals!

Why should they get to boss us around?

They have always treated us as lesser beings! The whites are always bossing us around, and punishing us if we defy them! First as slaves, and now arresting us for wanting to keep our seats on a bus!

This is and will be a huge step for the movement!

We are getting closer and closer to being equals! Equals as we should be! This will inspire people to be like Rosa Parks and us! Yes, us! In the following years, many blacks will stand up to whites for our rights and freedom! We will be equals, as long as you help us, as long as we do this.