DOUBLE, DOUBLE,DOUBLE................


START YOUR YEAR WITH A GOAL....and then go after it. Be realistic but don,t be afraid to reach a bit higher than you did before. ORIGAMI OWL has provided us with the tools to have a wonderful January. DOUBLE hostess points: Make a hostess very happy this month and it will be very easy to rebook her for after March with the new TOMs. Right now her customers are buying birthday gifts, Valentines gifts and she is reaping double the rewards. When you are filling in her order for free bling, take out your calendar, grab a yellow highlighter and tell her she is a FIRST PICK hostess for early April when her friends will want the new charms and gifts for Mothers' Day! If you have 4 Jewellery Bars in January, you should have four JBs booked for April just from your hostesses! DOUBLE your pv. Yes....starting January 1st, we are all accumulating points for next year's incentive trip and in 2016 we have a full YEAR to accumulate points. Start strong with your DOUBLE pv this month. DOUBLE POINTS towards achieving Storyteller or Owlchiever this month -- and you will want to be consistent in 2016. Designers who reach Owlchiever or Storyteller time and time again receive bonus consistency points. It was my 3 extra bonus points that earned me the second ticket to Cancun so I know for sure how important this is!

Contact information


Care and Guidance for designers:

Customer care and service: 1-844-825-1687

For ETLs and above ONLY: Leader care: 1-844-837-3884


Drum roll...... Part TWO is changed a bit!!

1. Every person recording $500 or more in PV this month will have his/her name in a draw for a beautiful leather navy (perfect for Spring!) MICHAEL KORS handbag, retail $349. USDX. This is your actual pv ; not the double pv that company will credit you with for points.

2. Designers who sponsor a new designer to our Locket Legends team will be eligible for a draw for $100. Sponsoring designer must have minimum $250 . pv in January. IF THE NEW DESIGNER places a minimum of $99. pv in January , her name will go in the draw for a selection of charms, chains, lockets from my inventory valued at $100.

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We have 210 members in LOCKET LEGENDS. However, I have only 160 emails for this newsletter. I know we have about 20 who are no longer active but we still have some holes in our communications. When you receive this newsletter, PLEASE do me a favor --- forward it to each person in your downline with a question. Ask them if they received the newsletter directly from me through SMORES mailing. If NOT, just ask them to send you and email with ALL their contact info and you forward to me. There are some names in back office with no address , or no phone number so it has been a journey to try and keep up. Thank you.


When you introduce someone to Origami Owl, that person joins your downline. Every time she makes a sale or invites another designer, YOU benefit financially. You become their mentor and YOU are responsible for ensuring that the new designer receives all the training help, advice, team spirit that she is entitled to.

Immediately upon signing a new designer, it is your responsibility to:

1. Send an email to: with the new designer's number, website handle, email, mailing address and phone number.

2. Add the designer's email to LOCKET LEGENDS Facebook page first, then to any other FB page your own team may have. Be sure to post a Welcome to them on our FB page!

3.Add the designer to HOOT SHOOTS page so they have access to current photos that they may use freely.

I will, in turn, add them to this newsletter list .

Why is all this necessary? Anyone who has received a little note or surprise gift from me knows that it is a good thing for me to have an address! But, it is also a favor to me. When you add a designer, that is one person. Ten minutes of typing to send in the information. For me to see a new name on the page with no info, I have to go through my back office, sometimes there are numerous additions in one day and sometimes my back office omits some pertinent info. For example, last JULY a girl in Calgary joined and all I have is her Apt. other address, nothing more in back office. I have phoned her and left messages three times but have not had the courtesy of a call back. (If you live in Calgary and your apt. number is # 303 --you know who you are!)

Please - let's work as the legendary team that we are!


Calgary event open to our team!

This event in Calgary will be hosted by Rhonda Cain from another team but our Regional Manager will be there as well as people from other teams in southern Alberta. Get the fast update from L>E>A>D> I
If I can change flights I may join you there!


Don,t forget to register as soon as possible.

Order tickets via Eventbrite:

This is our Legends' first truly awesome, large, fun, fantastic celebration and training event. Edmonton was chosen as it is the most central location for Alberta and Western Saskatchewan and we hope that our Winnipeg and Thunder Bay members can swing over as BC !!

Fantasyland Hotel, Saturday March 12th ..1:30 to 4:30.. There is $20.00 registration which is nonrefundable but it is transferable through me personally.

Other teams are invited and I know that Elaine Matson and some girls are driving from Calgary as well as Cindy Rousseau's downline around Grande Prairie. We want to outnumber them for sure as THIS IS OUR PARTY!

Refreshments,? of course. PRizes? You betcha, lots of them! Recognition, YES!!

There will be photos and tidbits from CANCUN as well as a presentation on the 2017 trip and how you can win it!

There will be a fast and fun jewellery bar demonstration so be sure you bring potential new designers!

A question and answer session for you to get clarity on any subject you wish.

Dancing? Why not!

You know that Chrissy, Bella, Tyson, Shawn are in hot demand so if we want one of THEM to come, we need to get our registrations up FAST ...the closer we are to 100, the better the change of getting two from the Nest to attend........let's do this!!

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Our CEO, Brett Blake , aka: O2B2

Here is Brett at the first small meeting we had in Calgary last fall. He is supporting our team in so many ways so let's give him something to cheer about! I have three of you earmarked for Director before the end of 2016.......I know you CAN do it and I plan to make sure THAT YOU DO!

HOOT HOOT until NEXT TIME!!!! Hope you like the new newsletter format!