Using the PUB Method... Personal - Useful - Brief

You will find examples below of how to ASK people to come to your launch, event, try our products or to take a look at our business.

There is no perfect way to ask. We are always tweaking our language to improve the quality of our ASKS and ask that you do the same.

Before you start asking have a look at the video called GO FOR NO.

Formula for Reachout Verbiage

Make it PERSONAL: Find something personal, like a compliment, to them that you can start your message off with. Make the person on the other side of the screen feel important instead of like a number. Do your research.

  • You are someone that seems like...
  • It looks/seems/sounds like you...
  • What's so great.interesting about you...
  • While following you it was so surprising that...
  • Your XYZ looked incredible/fantastic/tough

Make it USEFUL: Why would jumping on/listening to a 15 min call about the opportunity/program be useful for them? Do some research and find out where they may be in their lives or a pain point that this opportunity/program could help solve.

  • Deliver answers to their toughest questions...
  • Simplify something that they may think is complicated
  • Can you explain how you can save them time, money or pain
  • Can you inspire, entertain, or challenge them in some way
  • Can you connect them to a credible and trustworthy source - a common friend that has tried the program and had success?

Make it BRIEF: In today’s world, we have 2.5 seconds (10 words) to persuade someone to read the rest of your message. Skip the niceties/warm-up, and get to the main point. Make sure your message is less than one scroll on a mobile phone.


Dream Team Invites

  • Make it personal—What made you think of this person? What about her/him would help them succeed? What is something they need, desire, or is missing in their life?
  • Make it useful—In what way would Arbonne be able to solve that desire, need or what is missing?
  • Make it brief—Be succinct and invite them to “just” take a look and join you in a video chat.


You are on my mind, girl…so I’m going to take the leap and tell you what I’m thinking. You are so well-read and always seeking for better ways…you mentioned you are at a point where you need to go back to work and hate the thought of childcare. Would you just take a look at a new business I’m launching and see if it might be a fit for you too? We are doing a video call on Date/Time/Link that you can jump on from home in your pj's to learn more about it. Would you be open to that?


Hey, ____. When asked to put together a list of 5 people who would be on a Dream Team of self-directed, get it done people you were the first person that came to mind for partnering with on a new venture. Know you’re looking for something more fulfilling… what if this could be it and we could build our dreams together? Are you available for a video chat date/time?


Loved your Pilates class today, Jen…you love helping people get healthy and it shows in your teaching. You mentioned some of your frustration with clients canceling. Would you be willing to just take a look at my business which is in line with your passion and allows you to create asset income and leverage your time? Available for a video chat date/time?


Hey _____! It seems like you’re super busy with the kiddos (include children’s names so it's personal) and life in general :-) As a mom, putting yourself first can be last on the list. Not sure if it’s something you would ever consider but I have found a way to feel my best health wise but also make a virtual stream of income at the same time. If I sent you a video would you check it out and let me know what you think? OR if you’d like to learn about getting healthy and making money, RSVP here to listen in with me this time date.

Arbonne30 Program Invites


I know you’re into taking smart care of yourself and your family and I wondered If you might be interested in taking a look at a 30-day clean eating program that I' m doing. I have seen people get great results but more importantly, they are feeling amazing. I am starting a support group and would love for you to join us. If you are interested, I’ll send you a link to some info to check out. How does that sound?


Seeing that you are passionate about living a healthy life thought you might like to hear about something that is a game changer – YOU CAN’T OUT EXERCISE A TOXIC BODY. Don’t you wish someone told you that a long time ago? Wanted to invite you to a 15 min video chat about Arbonne 30 (date/time) to learn more! Would you be interested in joining us? ….Or you could use the same wording to invite them to a live-in person Healthy Happy Hour event.

EXAMPLE 3: (Send your Before and After pic with this message!)

Had to reach out! Last time we saw each other you mentioned..... Tired, not sleeping well, muffin top... Would you take a look at the Arbonne30? I think you might find the solutions you are looking for. It’s a Reset and Refresh! Simple and Easy! Would you be open to taking a look? If yes, I will send you a link and if not - no worries!

Or you could invite them to be your accountability partner

I would love you to be an accountability partner. If I sent you a two-minute video about it would you watch it?


Hi there! From your Facebook, it seems you have an interest in wellness. What interests you most? Asking because recently I've launched a business representing a line of plant-based whole body products. It’d be such a pleasure to include you in the online launch where you’ll learn more about the benefits. Would it be okay if I added you to the event page where all of the info will be posted?

(Once they respond be sure to share referral benefits of bringing friends)

Launch Invite

Hope you're doing well. I wanted to share with you that I recently started a business with an online Health and Wellness Company. I am officially launching my business online on both ____________and______________and would love for you to hop on and hear all about it. It will be a great opportunity for me to tell everyone why I'm doing this and more about it what it is. Would you be able to make it to one of the launches? Thanks for considering!

Have you ever wondered what you can do to look and feel your best? I sure did and not only did I find a solution but my passion for it has now turned into a new business venture. Knowing your love for living a healthy and fit life I wanted to invite you to my virtual business launch which is my official launch. it will be no more than 30 minutes and will be online. Love to have you be there! There are two dates …..or ….which one works better for you?

Asking Someone to Host an Event Invites


Hi… Exciting news! Found a way to create an Asset on a part time schedule! Super excited to get started! What's needed to get this off the ground? Getting in front of people and the best way to do this is to have some fun Healthy Happy Hours. Wanted to see if you could help me out and have one for me? These HHH are super fun and easy. Get 4 - 5 people around your kitchen table. I will come in and show them the 30 Days to Healthy Living Products along with the Skin Care line. They can sip on an Energy Fizz Stick while I talk a bit about the product and the Company. What do you say? It would mean the world! And by helping me launch this business you will have the chance to get $425 in products for $90! You are going to want everything just like I did!


Hi there! Thank you for liking my recent FB post. Seems you have an interest in wellness. Who else do you know who’s also interested in improving their wellness? It’d be such a pleasure to share with you and a handful of your friends in your home or virtually what Arbonne is all about. Did you know that by being part of my launch month as one of my first hosts you receive gifts and discounts?


If you reach out to someone and their response was, "I AM BUSY" then say this......(only say this if they are legit busy - they are already successful in the career they are in)

As a busy person you outsoruce things like your taxes, legal issues, you may have someone clean your house, etc. I want you to think of me the same way you do the professional you've partnered with in business and here how this relationship here works. The greatest asset that you have is your credibility and your network. Here's what I love about this's so simple. I'm going to make this really easy for you to share these products and to share this opportunity. You don't even have to do the explaining. You just send the links that we give you to share and when someone says, "I'm interested, I would like to learn more." send them to me. Working together I will help you monetize your credibility and your career only by transforming the lives of people you share this with. This is you leveraging your time through my effort.

Have a listen to the training on this method.

How to ask someone in your cold market on social media

Messaging people you don't know...

Hope you don't mind me reaching out. See you're living in ______________. Would you be open to a side income if it didn't interfere with what you are currently doing? I'm looking to expand to your area and love the feel/vibe from your social media. If you're open I can send a link. And if not, no worries!

Hope you don't mind me reaching out. Love the vibe of your of your instagram/facebook page. I'm with a Health and Wellness company looking for like minded individuals to partner with.

Would you be open to taking a look to see if it would be a fit for you? If so, I can send some information and if not, no worries!