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Mary 1/ 1980s

Mary 1

According to the main idea about this subject is that she brirnd a lot of people.In 1554 a group of Englishmen, she had a false pregnancy. Shortly after Mary wed at age 37, she was known as Bloody Mary, she had a lot of stepmothers.

Jeanne Nagle states that Mary was known as Bloody Mary. She targeted Protestant in a vain attempt to win England back to the Roman Catholic Church. Mary became his godmother. Mary was born on February 18,1516, She as queen of England from 1553 to 1558, She died in London on November 17,1558.

Yet another idea, from history is that Mary 1 kill a lot of people, Mary married Philip of Spain, Mary as succeeded by her half sister Elizabeth, Mary had one half sister Elizabeth and one half brother Edward, Mary was 37 an unmarried when she ascended the throne, Mary was then buried in Westminster Abby.History channel .com explains that she still kills people, She ultimately died childless, She was engaged at age 2, Mary was engaged to the son of the king of France

Bloody Mary

Mary killed a lot of people when she was here on earth people finaly got tired of her killing a lot of people they did not wont a lot of people to died so they killed her in sted of her killing more people every day, then people wont have any friends.
Royal Deaths & Diseases(C4): Mary Tudor