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CMMS Staff Newsletter - Week of September 5th

Fall 2022 Open House Quick Snaps!

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We Want to Celebrate You!

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For All of Our Safety!

While having duty is not always the highlight of ones day, it is an essential element of ensuring that our campus is safe when students are in motion. Administration has noticed a large decline in the number of staff that are reporting to morning and transition duty. This not only puts our students safety in jeopardy, but each of ours as well.

Beginning this week, administration will begin walking duty areas to ensure that all assigned staff are in place and on time. Should a staff member not be present, a "Reminder Notice" will be sent.

If you are unsure of your duty location or time to report, please see the duty assignment handouts towards the bottom of the newsletter.

Remember, it takes all of us... working together... to make CMMS better. Let's continue strong!

Morning Duty Rotation for Science and Fine Arts - Starts at 8:25am

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Reminder: C Lunch Time Change

The lunch schedule for C lunch has been altered to allow for students to be picked up from lunch instead of moving to their next class on their own.

On 7 Period Days:

  • C Lunch (4th Period) = 12:25pm – 12:55pm
  • 4th period teachers will escort students to their assigned table by 12:25pm, and should be back in the cafeteria to escort 8th graders back to 4th period at 12:55pm

On Block Days:

  • C Lunch (2nd or 6th Period) = 12:00pm – 12:30pm
  • 2nd or 6th period teachers will escort students to their assigned table by 12:00pm, and should be back in the cafeteria to escort 8th graders back to 2nd or 6th period at 12:30pm

Please ensure that your students are seated and ready for lunch at the time indicated.

Make-Up Ren360 Week

ELA and Math Hawk Educators! Great job on administering Ren360 to our scholars. This week, ensure all who have not taken Ren360 get it done. We need 100% of our Hawks Ren360 tested.
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Sub Folder and Lessons due by Wednesday, September 7th

Teacher Sub Folder Documents and Expectations

Sub Folder (planned absences)

  • Keep on your desk, clearly marked and easy to access.
  • Maintain updated class rosters and seating charts in the folders (check once a week for updates).
  • Completed Sub Welcome Letter and Essentials.
  • Bell Schedule.
  • Building Map.
  • Your duty schedule and location and lunch table assignment.
  • Campus Administrator and Front Office Contact Info (extensions, e-mails, office location).
  • Include any copies and resources the sub may need.

Emergency Sub Folder (unplanned absences - submit to DH)

Note: Develop a backup lesson plan for each course that you teach. The backup plan should be must be substitute-friendly, meaning the substitute can easily facilitate the lesson and students can complete the lesson.

  • Sub Welcome Letter and Essentials.
  • Current Class Roster and Seating Chart (note students who can help support).
  • Bell Schedule.
  • Building Map.
  • Campus Administrator and Front Office Contact Info (extensions, e-mails, office location).
  • Minimum of 4 assignments on grade level and relevant to the subject area. Do not leave busy work – ensure these are assignments that require students to practice their skills for your class and learning can continue in your absence. Additionally, ensure what is left will last the duration of a 90-minute class period.

No Substitute Assigned

If no substitute accepts your job assignment, the Department Chair will split your classes amongst your team and the department. This ensures student safety and that learning can continue in your absence.

Sub Folder and Lesson Requirements.docx

Instructional Support Team

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Clarifying the Learning

Use the learning from Session 1 of Clarity for Learning in your lesson plans, lesson delivery and PLC discussions.

The learning intentions and success criteria are not compliance items, they are framework items to shape the learning for the day for students. So, your LI and SC should align with the learning for the day. When launching your learning for the day, start with the LI and SC, then refer to them throughout the learning experience.

Students must be able to answer the following clarifying questions when asked:

1. What are you learning?​

2. Why are you learning it?​

3. How will you know when you've learned it?​

Clarity Problems:

How to Recognize if there is a Lack of Clarity in Your Teaching:

1. Fragmented teaching and learning.​

2. Activity-driven instruction.​

3. Misaligned strategies.​

4. Lack of progress-monitoring of learning.​

5. Unhelpful assessment data.

Remember the “Why” with Clarity

"Learning is most successful when 'teachers see learning through the eyes of their students and students see themselves as their own teachers' ….....This is the essence of clarity. Clarity comes as a result of crafting learning intentions and success criteria aligned to standards, co-constructing learning intentions and success criteria with learners, creating opportunities for students to respond, giving and receiving effective feedback on and for learning, and sharing learning and progress between teachers and learners."​


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CMMS Instructional Progression of Practice

Our Campus Progression of Practice is the guide for how we will move and grow instructionally (you have a copy from August PD week in your binder). Ensure you use it to self-assess and to know what the look-fors and expectations are - click below:

CMMS Clarity and Feedback Progression of Practice.pdf

Instructional Focus Support

Cheryl Brown, AVID and PE/Health

Victoria Moore, ESL

Jamie Kennedy, Fine Arts

Donnie Lancelin, World Languages

PLCs and Lesson Plans: Non-Negotiables and Expectations


If your department has built in PLC periods, then the team is required to PLC at that period each day. Teachers are not allowed to opt out of the PLC. Please keep in mind that PLC time is designated for team planning. Making copies, gathering materials, and/or taking care of compliance items should be addressed during your conference time, before or after school to take care of such items.

PLC Non-Negotiables (exercise now, full expectation September 6th)

· Follow the PLC protocol.

· Bring student work.

· Have your laptop and binder.

· Everyone must have the curriculum open.

· Upload the PLC Agenda to Schoology every Friday by 4:10PM.

    • Uploaded by Team Lead.
    • Dates next to PLC Goals.
    • Organize notes by date.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are due in Schoology every Thursday, and you will receive feedback on Fridays. If revisions are needed, you must have them completed and resubmitted by 10AM Mondays.

Visit our campus Schoology course and navigate to the Instructional Documents and Lesson Plan Submissions folders for supporting documents and more information (J27F-NFPC-TDGHC).


Emergent Bilingual Supporting Tools

Ensure you are supporting our Emergent Bilingual students in your classrooms. Plan for accommodating the learning in your PLCs and lesson planning. See Ms. Wynne for additional support. Here are links to supporting documents below:

EB_EL Support_Guidelines_for_Linguistic_Accommodations_Teacher_Behaviors.pdf

EB_EL Support - PLC Questions to Consider When Planning for your English Learners.pdf

EB Support - Guidelines for Linguistic Accommodations for Each Proficiency Level.pdf

CMMS Educator Profiles

Mandatory Tutorials

CMMS educators are expected to facilitate tutorials a minimum of once a week for 30-minutes from 4:20PM - 4:50PM, face-to-face, on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays. These can be facilitated individually or by grade level/team (grade level/team example: Tuesdays, 7th grade Basket Weaving tutorials, 1st Tuesdays -Ms. Smith, 2nd Tuesdays - Mr. Long, 3rd Tuesdays - Mr. King, 4th Tuesdays - Ms. Mink).

Tutorials will begin when we return from Labor Day (September 6th). If you have yet to submit your tutorial day to your DH, please do so immediately 😊

You may retrieve yellow Tutorial passes from your DH.

Tutorial Procedures:

1. If a student will attend your tutorials, issue them a yellow pass (fill out with ink).

  • Do not list more than one date nor more than one student name on the pass.

2. On your tutorial day, report to the side door by the library to retrieve your students

  • Do not allow students in who do not have a yellow pass – be sure to check it.
  • If a student has a pass, but the teacher is not at the door to receive the students, then the students cannot enter. They must wait until you arrive to retrieve them.
  • Do not have students “just come through the door,” that is a safety issue. You must be at the door to retrieve your students.
  • When tutorials have ended, escort your students out the building. Do not just send them out, escort them out the building.

Have Questions? Please contact Mrs. Burke

Working Wednesdays

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