Reaching Lost in Scotland

Emily Hefner

Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland

Praise God for yet another month of doing the work of the Lord in His kingdom and all for His glory! This month of May has been nothing less than amazing and I am praising God for the great things that He has done. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have in being here in Scotland and to just be a part of what is happening. I thank you all for your prayers and support. May the Lord God bless you!
At the beginning of the month, we started off with a great service here at New Life Church in Glasgow. God swept through the room touching each and every life. As the Lord moved, many were speaking in tongues, getting a renewing of the Spirit in their lives. It was such a sweet presence of the Lord and we are so thankful for all that He did in that service. We also praise the Lord Jesus for the one soul that was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins.
Also, in the month of May, some fellow AIMers and myself got the opportunity to go down to England and minister in Missionary Allison Mitchell's church in Lakenheath. The church is located on an military base in which all people are welcome to the church. One AIMer, Brier Scott led worship service, while I got the opportunity to preach with another AIMer, Jeanette Sanchez interpreting in Spanish. During this service, we had a powerful move of God, and each life was changed that day. To God be the glory for what is happening in Lakenheath, England!
Our next exciting event that took place was a trip up to Elgin, Scotland to help Missionaries, Bro. & Sis. Coker with a youth outreach/revival at Calvary Tabernacle. For the day of outreach, we went to the city centre of Elgin to sing and leaflet inviting people to the service that was to take place the next day. But inviting them to church wasn't really the main objective as was letting them know that someone was praying for them (as it had said on the leaflet). During this day, we encountered many people that were hungry and had been searching for something to fill the emptiness inside. There were many people that wanted to be prayed for right on the spot and others who said they have never felt the move of God like they did when hearing the group sing. There were reports of many people who were interested in coming to the church to truly get what they need from God. That Sunday, there were no guests to come, but we did not let that discourage us; we simply praised God for the work He had done in that weekend, and for what he was going to continue to do in the city of Elgin, Scotland. We praise God for the young girl from New Life Church that received the gift of the Holy Ghost and that is soon to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! To God be the glory!