Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller


Head Start Orders due by Tuesday, Dec. 8th so they can be submitted!

Professional Development Takeaway-
Between Birth and 5 years old, students spend approximately 6% of their time with us, therefore it is critical to foster family engagement and promote unified efforts in school readiness. Something to try:
* Share observations of parent-child interaction that demonstrate something positive about the relationship.
*Share what you learned about the child from your observations of family-child interactions.
*Talk with parents about the things you see them do and say that are responsive to their children's individual temperament and that positively impact their development.
*Discuss information in conferences that reinforces how much the family means to the child.
"Since you have been reading stories at bedtime together, he is spending more time with books in the classroom. Today he chose the book about dinosaurs. Would you like to borrow that book to read at bedtime?"

Weekly Schedule:

Kelly- IEP meeting at Shawnee
Stephanie- Transition meetings at Creekside
Liberty Data Meetings (12:30-4:30p)
Kelly at Shawnee, Creekside & Liberty
Stephanie at Creekside and Liberty
Kelly at Liberty, Creekside & Home Visit
Stephanie at Creekside & Shawnee
Creekside Data Meetings (8:30-12:30p)
Kelly at Creekside
Stephanie at Creekside
Grant Winterfest from 1:30-3:30pm
New Staff Support Meeting- 3:30-4:30pm (Creekside)


Floating AT- Shireesha Dasari
Jessica Mullins (p.m. only) no sub needed
Liz Green- no coverage needed (half day)


Lisa Iacovone- Shannon Dunaway

Floating AT- Jennifer Hobbs covering

Floating IA- no coverage (Jennifer, please support Lib. B also)

Educational Aide (Lib. A)- Mara Murphy


SCC IA- Brandi Singh

Helena Graves covering transition meetings

Angela Colwell- no coverage needed


A HUGE shout out to Leonor! She was the clutch, stepping in to translate for a Kindergarten transition meeting on Monday, so they could have 100% attendance. She was helpful, warm, and inviting towards the parent. Thanks for the TEAMWORK!

Shout Out to our Creekside staff for getting positive feedback from the State Reviewer on Monday! Wild way to start the week, but you all did a fantastic job and he was thoroughly impressed with what he saw!


None Today!


Staff Luncheon on Friday, Dec. 18th-
1. Discuss a theme with your team and designate a driver!