My life as Madison Merkley

be your own kind of beautiful

who I am...

interests: soccer, art, singing, dancing. cooking, crafts and being with family and friends

Skills: art, sports, using my imagination, making others feel welcome

values: family, friends, temples, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, knowledge, life...

self-esteem: I'm proud of who I am and wouldn't change anything about me!

learning style: doing things withmy hands, and changing it to a story

what i do in my free time: be with my family, watch a movie, be crazy

These things should be considered when deciding on a career because you'll be happier when your around the things that you love and want to have in you life. Also because these are some of the things that make you who you are. It will make your life way easier.

where I am going

My career as a ... Art director

job description: some that is creative, has good leadership and is always thinking of good ideas. works for advertising and public relations

median salary: $76,980 per year

job outlook: art directors will be needed to check other works (designers, photographers)

cluster: arts: audio-video techmology and communications

work schedule: full time

work envirment: about 12% work for advertising and public relations firm

something interesting about this career: you have to be selected to work as a art director and you can't just say I'm going to be a art director

how do i get there?

-My goals are to get all A's and be very successful.

-I think that I will want to go to the University of Arkansas and this collage is located in Fort Smith AR.

-I would like to go to this collage because it's really pretty and my Dad works there so I think

-it wont to so expensive. It's also really big and close to home. They also have a section that is just for arts it will be really nice.

-For this job you will need a Bachelers degree.

-This collage is $133 per hour (30 hours)

-some scholarships that I hope to qualify for are art's, teaching, and soccer

I will go to collage and i don't know anyone that will not go to collage. After hight school I'm going to collage, arts will be my career. Maybe!