Solanum lycopersicum

Also known as a tomato

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Facts about my tomato?

  1. You can eat my plant.
  2. My plant growin a garden.
  3. My plant is red.
  4. It is not a flower.
  5. It is a fruit not a vegetable because vegetables do not have seeds and a tomato has seeds.

Parts of a plant and it's function

  • Roots: they are like straws they feed and give water to the seed.
  • Stems: support the plant to hold it up right.
  • True leaves: when a seed first comes out of the soil there are first leaves that sprought called cotyledons these leaves are a food source for the plant.
  • Seed leaves:the seed leaves are the food for the seedling until leaves can grow and it can make it's own food.
  • Stamen: the stamen produces pollen to reproduce.
  • Pistil: at the center of a flower is the pistil this is the female part of a flower.

Stages of a flower.

  • Birth: is when a seed sprout leaves.
  • Growth and development: is when the stems get longer.
  • Reproduction: is when it makes seeds or gives pollen.
  • Death: is when the leaves fall off and they don't re-sprout.

What is photosynthesis?

It's a chemical process where plants use light to produce glucose and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water to produce food for the plant. I also learned that photo means liht and synthesis means putting together.
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