TIPS Journal February 19, 2021

keeping our families in the school loop

Greetings from Tokyo International Progressive School

Dear Parent Community of TIPS,

Hello from the principal's desk.

Many thanks to Mr. Mondino for organizing our vibrant club activity this semester. Although we are not traveling out of town this month, after school has never been so much fun.

As a reminder, clubs this semester include:

Monday: Change for Good, Weightlifting

Tuesday: Art, Board Game, Guitar

Thursday: Programming Club sponsored by Tokyo Coding Club

Friday: Singing, Weightlifting, Wire Art, French, Soccer

Ms. Batnini directed the whole-school assembly yesterday featuring Dr. Tom Lomax, a virus specialist in Tokyo who presented some data about contagion and took student's questions. He was impressed with our questions! And I was impressed with our students' engagement in the presentation. Thank you Dr. Lomax and Ms. Batnini.

Any questions, please ask!


Lyn Sato

TIPS Principal

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I hope to see everyone at our next PSA meeting, which will be online Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. I will attend from 11 a.m. with the principal's report. You will receive a link from the PSA to attend.

The PSA Spirit Wear will be delivered soon! Watch for an email from the PSA with details of the Lands' End items you may choose from. In the meantime, here is a sample of the goods, all embroidered with the TIPS logo :

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Upcoming Special Dates (through March 5 )

Friday, Feb 19: PE in gym. Ms. Kakimoto counsels.

Tuesday, Feb 23: Robotics for grades 4 - 7, P1 -2.

Friday, Feb 26: PE in gym. Ms. Kakimoto counsels. Deadline to submit re-enrollment forms.

Tuesday, Mar 2: PE in gym.

Wednesday, Mar 3: Robotics for grades 4 - 7, P1 -2. PSA meeting online at 10:30 a.m.

Friday, Mar 5: Ms. Kakimoto counsels.


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Two eager French speakers with brains engaged in Ms. Batnini's French club.

Merci beaucoup, Ms. Batnini!

Our ACE Class Offerings

Our ACE lunch service has a new option on Mondays: Jerk Chicken for the spices and aroma of the Caribbean without leaving school! It is served up by Jerk Chicken House Am-A-Lab near Musashi-koyama station.

As a reminder, the ACE lunch offerings are now:

Monday: Jerk Chicken plate or sandwich

Tuesday: Coco Curry

Wednesday: Thai bowl

Thursday: Kabob sandwich or bowl

Friday: Pizza

Global Citizenship Course

A new course was added to our curriculum in semester 2. Global Citizenship is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations and focuses on design thinking. Ms. Koh and Mr. Tomlinson designed the course and are teaching it to grades 10 and 11.
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New Campus Update

Below are a few photos of the construction site of the new campus, taken between February 6 and February 13. Our projected move date remains unchanged, June 21 - June 23.

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A Note about Eyes

By Mr. Jessen-Petersen

Spring allergy season (pollen) is starting early this year. My eyes have already begun to feel really itchy. Over the counter allergy medication (available at pharmacies) can be really helpful to reduce symptoms. It is important to take care of springtime allergies as it helps prevent and reduce touching of the face (eyes, nose, etc.) which the pandemic precautions discourage. Here is a link that shares about the different available OTC medications:

Art Contest Entrants

By Art Teacher, Ms. Saki Koh

In November, nine students submitted creative, futuristic art pieces to an art competition called “Children’s Art for the Science of Tomorrow Competition”. All students received a gift of participation from the organization, shown below. Well done everyone!!

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ACE Activity

Why Choco-grams?

The purpose of the Choco-Grams event is to raise money for the fun events at the end of the school year, and to help everyone get into the Valentine spirit. The students and the staff participated by buying our Choco-Grams, in which we provide service for them to write small letters to people of their choice, which we will then deliver to the recipients with small Hershey's Kisses. - by Kai Ono, grade 10 ACE student
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Tokyo International Progressive School:

the small school in the Meguro area

specializing in learning differences,

relocating to the Futako-Tamagawa area in June, 2021.