Bowman News 39th Edition

June 18, 2020

Dear Families,

Happy Father’s Day to all of our amazing Bowman Dads!

It’s hard to believe, but this is the last Bowman News of the 2019 school year. I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we’ve done our best to navigate the challenges we have faced. I am certain that none of us will forget this year.

Redistricted Families

The fall conversations and emotions associated with redistricting feel like the distant past, however, I wish to acknowledge the families who have been impacted by this decision. Twenty-three Bowman children will experience their first day of school at either Hastings or Harrington in August. I am confident that once the year gets started and the transition underway, you will not forget your time at Bowman, but appreciate the differences and the new things that your school has to offers.

In addition to the students, some of our most active and involved parent volunteers are part of this group. Thank you to those of you who gave countless hours to our school volunteering in the library, participating on Site Council and PTA, coaching 100 Mile Club, organizing Math Nights and facilitating Big BackYard walks. Not only will we miss your children, but you as well!

PTA: Bowman Variety Show 2020

Many thanks to Lacey & Ben VerHage who spent countless hours piecing together your “Variety Show” submissions! Wow, does Bowman have talent...check out the video to see just how much:

Summer Resources

It is well documented that all students lose skills (summer slide) that they learned during the course of the school year during the summer. We encourage you to consider continuing to use the resources that have been available to you during remote learning.

Math Resources:

IXL, Zearn (3-5), Dreambox (K-2)

Typing Club (3-5)

Literacy Resources:

Family resources

Bowman Reads!

“Tumble” Username : tumble735 Password: books

“Capstone Plus” Username: continue Password: reading

*See also recommended book lists by grade span at the bottom.

Science Resources:

Please see the following from Karen McCarthy, Director of K-5 Science curriculum: Summer of Discovery

Field Day 2020 & 100 Mile Club

To everyone who participated in Bowman Virtual Field Day! We had 197 people start their field day on Zoom. A special shout out to Mr. Kane for leading us in warm up, stretches and creating the powerpoint with the fun and engaging activities.

A message from Ms. Scheer regarding 100 Mile Club Runners: “Finish what you start. We started the 100 Mile Club in September and we are finishing in June. You, myself and many others have been exercising at home between March and June, 2020 because being physically active is very important. Through the 100 Mile Club you have set, persevered and achieved personal goals. You have demonstrated determination. You have overcome obstacles; cold weather, perhaps an injury and presently a national health crisis. You are resilient, your spirit is bright and extremely strong! Stay active, outside or indoors. Stay healthy, be fit, work hard, play, stay connected and safe. Well done Bowman 100 Mile Club! Thank-you to our fantastic coaches for your time and energy. We coaches are extremely proud of each of you.”

Mileage totals: Bowman Wellness Challenge: 2,064 miles

100 Mile Club: 4,652

Total miles: 6,716 miles

Special thanks to Ms. Scheer, Bowman staff and Parent volunteers who served as Coaches. This running club would not be possible without all of you!

Student Personal Belongings

Earlier this week we provided an opportunity for families to pick up items left at school. If you did not get a chance to retrieve your student’s things, we will let you know when items will be available. The building is still closed and we are working remotely from home.