Stop Bullying!

By: Sydnee Osborn

Bullying can hurt

Bullying can cause physical and mental damage.
There are three types of Bullying: Cyber Bullying, Word Bullying, and Physical Bullying.

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Bullying and Suicide Song,

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What did the bully's mother do when the victim's mother told her that her daughter was bullying her daughter? Lindsey:The bully's mother didn't believe that her daughter did anything wrong because her daughter seemed so innocent to her when the victim's mother told her that her daughtry was bullying.

What did the bully's mother do when the victim's mother told her that her daughter was bullying her daughter? Wyatt: She refused to believe that her daughter would ever do anything wrong.

Out of four about how many kids get bullied every year? What is the effect of this?
Lindsey: About 3 out of four kids get bullied every year and the effect is that kids have bad decisions on what they should do with themselves.

Wyatt's Answer: More than 13 million children are bullied every year. The effect of this is that they are suffering from anxiety.

SIte for How Parents can help prevent bullying

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A lot of people get bullied for pointless reasons,until they stand up for themselves and tell an adult.

Most kids get bullied middle school, during when they change and get taller and older.

Some kids don't do anything to stop the bullying, as if they are helpless to stop bullying.

As soon as someone changes people thinks it cool or funny to bully that person for what they changed.

Whenever a friend is getting bullied some of the victims friends don't talk to them and that's just wrong, since your friend is being bullied stand up for them

As long as you have a chance be and up-stander that helps the victim through times instead of being a bystander just watching that person getting bullied.

The Theme

I think the theme of the story is that that bullying can change someone's life forever, and people can say mean things at anytime.

You can have many disabilities, but you can still get bullied for any reasons.