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Coronavirus: Teacher Guidelines for Talking to Parents

To know:

  • This is our official district statement: We have assembled a district pandemic planning committee to put systems in place to keep students and staff healthy. The committee is following the guidance of the trusted local, state and national sources (including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Public Instruction and Wisconsin Department of Health Services/Public Health Madison & Dane County).

  • We now have information about the coronavirus on the district website under the Health Services section: This page will function as an up-to-date resource for families. Included is archived coronavirus district communications, FAQs and relevant links.

To do when talking to parents:

  • Reiterate our official district statement and guide parents to the SASD Health Services webpage.

  • You can redirect parents’ questions and concerns to our district nurse Laurel Gretebeck and/or to our Community Information and Resource Coordinator Molly Shea. In theory, we will attempt to have Laurel answer more virus-related questions and Molly answer district protocol-related questions.

  • Teachers: Please keep Molly Shea in the loop about specific concerns parents have. This way she can design or redesign communications, website content, etc. This can be super informal -- just email her what you notice in the coming weeks.

Don'ts when talking to parents:

  • Don’t send or forward any coronavirus information not approved by the district.

    • If you find a great resource, you can feel free to send to our Community Information and Resource Coordinator Molly Shea, who is responsible for updating our Health Services/coronavirus webpage.

  • Don’t make predictions or assumptions about the virus not explicitly stated by the CDC.

  • Don’t make predictions about district protocol before our district pandemic planning committee can share that information.

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