Mark Zuckerberg

How he became successful by Alex Tran

How Zuckerberg Began

On May 14, 1984, Mark Eliot Zuckergerg was born in White Plains, New York. Zuckerberg had a interest in computers at a early age. At 12 years old he started using Atari BASIC to create a messaging program that was used in his dad's dental office so he doesn't have to yell to get the patient. Eventually Zuckerberg's parents hired a private computer tutor and every week. Eventually Zuckerberg went to Phillips Exeter Academy where he became the captain of fencing and excelled in literature and obtained his diploma yet still is interested in computers. But during his time in high school he created a early version of Pandora which he named Synapse which included Mircosoft and Aol.

Zuckerberg at Harvard

After graduating Exeter in the year 2002, Zuckerberg decides to enrolled at Harvard University. When he went to Ivy League Institution he had a reputation to become a software developer on campus. He eventually developed a program named CourseMatch which help student choose classes based on their course selections. Eventually Zuckerberg and his friends created a website that can personalize on their own photos and upload them which is know today as Facebook. But eventually on June 2004 he droped out of Harvard and spent full time on Facebook and by the end off 2004 Facebook had more than a million users.

The Creation Of Facebook

In 2005, Zuckerberg's enterprise received a boost of 12.7 mil and only back then were only obtainable by Ivy League students. Eventually Zuckerberg's company granted access to many colleges, high school and even international school raising to 5.5 million people by December of 2005. Eventually Facebook grabbed other attention from other companies and wanted to advertise the social media. But Zuckerberg turned down the offers including Yahoo! and MTV Networks, Zuckerberg was mainly focusing on expanding the site and including more features. In 2006 Facebook went nowhere until The Creators of Harvard Connection claimed that Zuckerberg stole their idea, and insisted the software developers to pay for business loss. Eventually Mark Zuckerberg was intentionally caught with some ideas that were stolen and had to eventually apologize to the creators and having to pay over 65 mil dollars. Another challege the Mark Zuckerberg have to face was the book "Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Merzrich who was heavily criticized for retelling Mark Zuckerberg's life using fake characters and invented scenes and still sold the rights to Aron Sorkin. By time he had to face criticism but by 2010 the networth 6.9 billion dollars.