by Suzanne Collins

Plot Summary

In Mockingjay, Katniss has gone through enough, she just survived her second time in the arena. She wakes up in a hovercraft, far from home but only one district away. District 13, the underground district, where there are strict rules that must be followed. Katniss’s home is destroyed and she goes to see what’s left. President Snow has left her a rose in her bedroom at the Victors Village. A gift for you Miss Everdeen. Katniss gets back quickly to the hidden district and finds out that Peeta, instead of her, has been taken by the Capitol.

In the cafeteria, the TV screen brightens and Peeta and Caesar Flickerman are on the screen, interviewing. Peeta calls for a cease-fire, he doesn’t want this war, but the difference is, Katniss wants it, she has had enough of the Capitol ruining her life, breaking her family to pieces.

Gale and a few others go to the Capitol and get their friends back, including Enobaria. And a few days later, Peeta has strangled Katniss and she has been put into the hospital. Prim tries to comfort her sister and saying that they are going to get Peeta back to the way he was, but it won’t be easy.

Delly, Peeta’s friend, confronts him and tells him stories of their childhood, only leading back down the road of District 12 and Katniss. Delly leaves and Peeta is angry with Katniss, calling her a mutt.


Katniss is the main character, brown hair, gray eyes and seventeen years old she a round character and also a dynamic character. She is unique and not like her sister Prim, who likes their mom and gets along with her. Katniss is still mad at her mother for what happened after their father dies.

President Snow is the antagonist, white hair and scary gray eyes, at least over his sixties, he is a round character and he is also a dynamic. He wants Katniss dead, but doesn’t even try killing her. He leaves her white roses, to know that it’s him, but the man is dying and he is holding someone close to him hostage.

Peeta is a secondary character, blond hair and blue eyes, also seventeen and being a round, dynamic character. He has had a huge crush on Katniss for a long and now, he hates her, he is scared of her and nearly chokes her to death.

Prim is a secondary character as well, having blond hair and blue eyes and only thirteen years. She is a dynamic character as well as round. Prim loves the medical business, and she would love to be a doctor. She wants to make sure Katniss is okay and that she is healthy. But Prim also wants her to be happy and so she tries to help the best she can.

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This novel was my absolute favorite and I really enjoyed reading it. It had taught me that even if you are afraid there is always hope. The people around you are there to help you. It was entertaining and I was happy that it ended the way it did. It had a great, happy ending unlike other books. Lots of people would like to read this but I think people who want to start out with something amazing and fulfilling like the Hunger Games trilogy.

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