New York

A great place to stay

New York

New York is an amazing place to stay and see there are so many things to do. You can go shopping in big New York City, go see the Empire State Building, or go see the statue of liberty. If you liking hiking or skiing go to upstate New York in the summer or winter both are great seasons to go.

Things to also do in New York

If you are a big sports fan New York has many diffrent sports teams to go and see. There is a big LEGO factory in New York so if you like LEGOs New York is tne place to go. There is many things to do but those are the majors to see trust me New York is a great place to see.

New York musems

You can go and see great museums in New York. You can see art museums or go see a history museum there are many great sights in New York!

More attractions

New York is also famous for Ellis island a great place to see and go learn about New York's great history. Or go see Times Square. Or go and see Niagara Falls a amazing waterfall to see. There is so much to go and see