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Rashaun Wilder and Abraham Estrada

Georgian girl murdered

!3 year old Mary Phagan murdered by manager of Pencil Factory Leo Frank.

His trial was a foregone conclusion.His case is one of the most notorious and highly publicized cases in Georgia.He was a Jewish man in Atlanta who was placed on trial.He was convicted of raping and murdering Mary Phagan.Who work worked for the National Pencil Company.

The Lynching of Leo Frank

His Death

August 17,1915: the lynch mob seized Frank from his prison cell early that morning.They drove to outskirts of Marietta,GA. And they hung him.Frank's only request was his wedding ring be returned to his wife(which it was days later).After word of lynching spread crowds gathered to see the body hang.

The crowd beat the body

A few people in the crowd threatened,some even inflicted violence to Frank's body.Before the former judge convinced them to stop.He was sent to Brooklyn to be buried.
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