How to make a level 4 on the EOG

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Tips how to make a level 4 on the EOG

1) Do your best!

2) Do not rush and take your time!

3) When you take your time, that's how you will make a level 4 on the EOG.

4) First you read your story and you can underline and highlight the important words and underline the words that are not that important to highlight.

5) On the reading EOG you should cover your answers and read the story. Figure out the answer to your question in your mind first. Then uncover your answers and figure out the best answer.

6) Supporting an Analysis of Text. evidence. Use evidence to help you support your analysis,and then you can support your details and support the main idea pf the story

and the poem

7) Character and plot,

8) Theme summarize Text,

9) Drawing and supporting Inferences, Figurative and Connotative meaning, obey all the rules of EOG and math EOG when you take as much time as you want to and you will pass the EOG and you will go to 5th grade

10)Then if you make a level 4 in 5th grade you will go to 6th grade .

11) You will become a detective and solve and read a story two times

12) Read the one more time and read the story over and over .


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