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Fifth-Grade News

February 8, 2016 begins the Year of the Monkey!

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  • Monday, February 8: After-School Arts classes begin

  • Monday, February 15 from 8:15-12:45: Muddy Sneakers Field Trip--Please note: We will need volunteers/chaperones for this trip, which entails hiking around Weaver Park at an easy pace with a naturalist and a small group of students. PLEASE E-MAIL MS. ZUNGUZE at <> ASAP, IF YOU ARE ABLE TO CHAPERONE THIS TRIP!

  • Also, Monday, February 15 from 1:30-2:30: Class Valentine's Day Party--If you would like to share a treat or note for each student, you are welcome to do so. Please do not exclude anyone, if you decide to participate. A class list is below.

  • Friday, February 19: Regular School Day (makes up for snow day)

  • Monday, February 22: No school--Teacher Work Day (unless we need to make up more snow days)

  • Monday, February 29 from 7:30-9:00 AM: Claxton Families are invited to Tea & Talk with the Superintendent

  • May 24-June 7 (contingent on snow days): All of Asheville City Schools will conduct EOG testing in the last 10 academic days of school.
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  • For next Monday--Please e-mail Ms. Zunguze at <> if you are able to chaperone our Muddy Sneakers half-day walking field trip to Weaver Park. This entails just a short walk, joining a small group of students, and following a naturalist who leads your group through science activities.


Monday, February 15th from 1:30-2:30

All fifth-grade teachers have decided to observe Valentine's Day on Monday, February 15th in order to accommodate for AIG student pull-outs on Friday. On the 15th, we should be returning from our Muddy Sneakers walking field trip by lunch time, eating lunch as usual, and returning to class for a fun math-based Valentine's activity and time for distributing Valentines treats and messages.

Please remember that you are not required to send in treats or Valentines. However, if you decide to participate, please ensure that your student brings something for every single classmate. Here is our class list of 25 students (two moved away):

1. Silas

2. Aeon

3. Eli

4. Kasiyah

5. Barret

6. Henry

7. Grace Ellen

8. Erin

9. Kiera

10. Harper

11. Mary Ruth

12. Alex

13. Josh

14. Maritza

(#15 moved away)

16. Phaedra

17. Hayden

18. Sophie

19. Gantt

20. Juvae

21. Jonathan

22. Max

23. Catherine

(#24 moved away)

25. TyaJiah

26. Abby

27. Donia

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Math Support

  • Check out this website that provides sample math problems and answers as well as videos for homework help: <>!
  • I have also set up a free class account with Kahn Academy. Your child can join Ms. Zunguze's Kahn Academy class, which provides standards-based math missions that are individualized based on your student's progress within the program. I will offer extra credit for each online session that your child completes. Here's how to join:
  1. Sign up at <>.
  2. Visit <> (the "Coaches" tab in your profile).
  3. In the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code, which is APAP8A.
  4. You're set. Now click Home to start learning!
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glue sticks, pencils, and disinfecting wipes

~Thank you for all of your continued support!~