GT Update News: Edition 2

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew

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Brain Teaser

Scruffy Sam has put on his T-shirt. Unfortunately it is inside out and back to front. Normally the washing label is on the inside of the left sleeve. Where is it now?

**Answer revealed in next week's newsletter**

The families were able to leave Bluffs of Opportunity, and make it half way through Isles of Deception. Last week's family communication challenges were intense at times. Each family was tasked with the challenge of choosing a word from the word envelope. Then, a family member had to prepare and give a 20 second speech using the chosen word, but careful to not give the other family any body language or vocal clues that would give the opposing family an idea of the word the family chose. The family earned ten travel miles for each correctly guessed word, and lost two travel miles for each incorrect guessed word. Each family needed 30 miles to cross the Isles of Deception. This week, families will complete their journey's across the isles and into the Temple of Charity by each family member choosing a sentence from my envelope. Then the family member must say the sentence with clarity and voice, as well as use one hand gesture. Each family member that does this, will earn one box of cargo, until each family member has had a turn.

They will begin an engineering challenge by creating a working pinball machine, made using common classroom materials and recyclables. Pictures to come.

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Mrs. Peck visited with us last week to share her experience of a mission trip to Zambia. It's interesting to see how they reacted to learning of the living conditions and life in Zambia. There is so much new vocabulary for them to learn as it relates to philanthropy. Last week they split a list of vocabulary between them and created a picture representation of each word. This week, they will trade pictures with one another and their partner will guess which word is represented by simply looking at the picture. They will have a chance to finally finish their windmill engineering challenge. I will introduce them to the STEM document that encourages them to discover the science idea behind the challenge.
Last week third grade wrote programs using code and algorithms. Then they tested their skills online to create even more code. This week, they will experience looping and then apply it to what they already know about coding and programming.