A Note from the Principal's Desk

Week of August 4, 2014


Class Rosters

Print and post your class rosters below your room number so that students can find you on the first day.

Send any student who does not have a schedule or an empty section to the media center.

Do not send students out of the class for schedule change requests. Those will be handled through Dr. Taylor's office (if granted).

If you feel that a student has an incorrect schedule, do not send them out of the classroom. Email a list of concerns to Jane Driver and cc Siedra Pitts.

1st Days of School

The 1st Days of School are important to establish routines and procedures. We will hold grade level assemblies to cover the handbook as follows:

Tuesday - 8th Grade Handbook Assembly - 3rd period
Wednesday - 7th Grade Handbook Assembly- 2nd period
Thursday - 6th Grade Handbook Assembly - 1st period


Be sure to ask students each period if they have transportation issues. Log any concerns on the Google form sent by Dr. Gardner. He can answer any questions that you have.


Daily Attendance

Remember: Attendance is taken everyday in every class within the first 10 minutes.

Bell Schedule and Lunch Times

1st period 8:30-9:30

2nd period 9:30-10:30

3rd period 10:30-11:30

4th period 11:30-1:00

Lunch Times

11:30-12:00- 8th Grade

12:00-12:30-6th Grade

12:30- 1:00- 7th Grade

5th period 1:00-2:00

6th period 2:00-3:00

7th period 3:00-4:00

Locker and Transportation Form

The Locker and Transportation Form needs to be complete 7th period when lockers are distributed. Transportation can be collected on Monday and kept by the teacher.