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11 November 2022

From The Principal

Greetings Everyone,

This week I was invited to visit year 5 classrooms as they showed off their Rube Goldberg machines. If you are not sure what one of these machines is then I suggest you jump online -- Google 'Rube Goldberg -- and find out. My visit highlighted the power of our well developed PYP units. It was pleasing to hear at the end of our time the students outlining the types of forces being demonstrated. The whole process was a powerful learning experience!

Living Classroom

A huge thank you to our PA who have worked really hard to develop our living classroom in recent months. We have a few hundred native trees now planted near the Senior Playground, weed mat laid out and mulch spread between the trees. We are looking forward to the bug life arriving and this area being a wonderful support to our units of inquiry in the future.

Staff News

At the end of this year we will sadly farewell Mrs Janine McKenna-Woodley who is resigning from full time teaching after spending the last 10 years at our school. We wish Mrs McKenna-Woodley happy days ahead as she spends more time enjoying the things she loves, and we hope she may return to us later on as a day relief teacher. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our children.

We also farewell Mrs Hazel Fowler, who is leaving to take up a position at Panama Road school. Mrs Fowler returned from maternity leave recently to cover Mrs Peters’ maternity leave. Mrs Fowler will be working in the soon to be established Year 7 & 8 class at Panama Road, which will be an exciting challenge for her. We thank Mrs Fowler for her commitment to our school and our children since 2018.

Mrs Sian Strachan has been working part time this year as she was granted study leave in order to work on her Post-Graduate Diploma of Counselling Theory. Mrs Strachan will be furthering her counselling endeavours in 2023. Mrs Strachan has worked as a class teacher here for the last 5 years, but was also a day relief teacher here for some time before that, and has had a longstanding relationship with the school as her own three sons all attended here. We wish Mrs Strachan the very best of luck as she takes on her new role and furthers her studies.

Mrs Caitlin Hayford will be leaving us at the end of the year in order to enjoy some overseas travel, including a UK family wedding to follow on from her wedding in Queenstown earlier this year. We wish Mrs Hayford a very happy and enjoyable trip to Europe, and hope that she will return to teaching here some time in the near future.

Student Privacy

Concerns have been raised about parents posting pictures of students when on field trips and at other school events. I understand social media can be very helpful for communication and the development of community connections. However, we ask that parents not post photos of children from school events, other than their own, on social media platforms such as Facebook, as there are parents in our community who do not want their child’s picture online. I also understand the importance of the very well developed WhatsApp grapevine that keeps the parent community connected. Nevertheless, it is not appropriate for the sharing of photos of other people's children in this forum either.

Supporting Our School

Local real estate agent Sandy Hayer, a school parent, has made the generous offer of donating $1000 to the school for every sale made when the vendor is a parent of a student at Glendowie School. Sandy responded earlier in the year to the notice about the school being behind in collecting voluntary school donations. All you have to do is list your house with Sandy in the Bays at Ray White in St Heliers and we will receive a donation from Sandy when your house is sold. See Sandy’s banner below.

Have a great weekend,

Paul Crowhurst | Principal

Board News

The next Board meeting is Tuesday 22nd November at 6.30pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and a copy of the agenda is available from the school office after 3pm next Friday.

From our Presiding Member:

Discussing business at our recent meeting took us well past our bedtimes. Paul presented ideas for the strategic direction of the school over the coming few years. We were enthusiastic about focusing on the refreshed curriculum requirements, rejuvenating areas of the school, completing refurbishment of the new Science/Technology space and extending opportunities for our Intermediate students. Built into our strategic priorities will be a plan for how to best monitor students’ progress so that the Board can continue to resource our learning programmes and support teachers to maintain high standards. There is scope for lots of positive developments and new projects which we will keep you updated on.

There was considerable discussion around the results of the survey. A couple of comments highlighted the need for the Board to communicate more regularly. It was great to see that 95% of our parents ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that their children felt safe at school and 74% felt that they were being challenged to achieve. We hope our strategic priority focus on curriculum and the Intermediate students will increase achievement across the school.

Religious instruction caused the greatest discussion for the Board as we grappled with inconclusive results. 44% of parents want Bible in Schools to continue to be offered at Glendowie School. 31% do not. 25% are neutral. Given this result, the Board is considering offering the Bible in Schools programme at lunchtime so it will still be an option and there will be no disruption to the learning programme.

Dr Dawn Garbett

Health Consultation

Below is a letter from the Board of Trustees. To read the full document, see the link below.

Board of Trustees Health Consultation 2022

11 November 2022

Dear Parents / Caregivers,


Our requirement as part of the Education Act is to consult the community every two years, to update our statement on the delivery of the Health Curriculum. As such we would like you to review the School Health Statement and the way we implement the health curriculum at Glendowie School. In consultation with management, the Board’s responsibility is to: resource this curriculum area, ensure professional development has been provided for the teachers, and ensure the teaching and learning programmes cover the NZ curriculum.


We would like our parent community to either agree to the School Health Statement and the way we deliver the health curriculum or ask us to consider any suggestions for change. If there are no recommendations, then no response is needed to this consultation. The Board will consider any comments which arise from this consultation process.

The process of consultation will be:

a. Time of response – two weeks.

b. Responses to be returned by Friday 25th November 2022 to the office or emailed to

c. Data will be collated by the Board and the community will be advised of the results.

d. Changes will be implemented (if required).

e. The Board will adopt the revised school statement if changes are implemented on the delivery of the curriculum.

Draft School Health Statement for 2023

At Glendowie, our health programme aligns with the school vision statement of I Care and develops the competencies, knowledge and skills of our students, to become lifelong learners, with the ability and confidence to adapt to change and accept challenges.

Glendowie will implement a health programme based on the NZ curriculum in the four key areas of learning of: Mental Health, Relationships and Sexuality, Food and Nutrition, Body Care and Physical Safety. A school overview will be developed to show what the students will be inquiring about in their PYP units and any other extra programmes.

Our approach to delivering the health programme will be to integrate the key areas of learning within our PYP units so that they are relevant, engaging and challenging at each year level. We will also utilise other programmes and use outside facilitators, who will deliver content to strengthen our PYP units or address other needs we have identified. PYP units will be regularly reviewed in order to ensure that our health programme is meeting the learning needs of our students.


Glendowie School Board

Travelwise Celebration

On Tuesday 7 November, our five Enviro Reps attended the Travelwise Celebration at The Cloud in the city to receive our school's BRONZE Award. They caught the bus into the city and the train back to Glen Innes as part of the journey!!! The students participated in 'The Great Travelwise Adventure Hunt'. This involved them looking for clues along the city waterfront. They also participated in a number of activities that promoted sustainable travel in and around school.

Covid Testing Reminder

Please be aware that New Zealand is experiencing another spike in Covid cases. Parents should be vigilant if their child is showing symptoms and remember to take a test and report any new cases to school. Siblings no longer need to isolate, but any children with a positive result need to stay away from school for the full seven days. Day 0 is the day symptoms start or the day they test positive, whichever comes first. Thank you for your consideration of the school community.

Relievers wanted for 2023

Are you a registered teacher interested in relief teaching next year? Having a good pool of relievers allows us to cover staff absences due to illness, activities, and trips. If you, or someone you know, is interested in finding out more about relief teaching for us next year, please email us at the office:

Glendowie PA

2022 COLOUR RUN: FRIDAY 2nd DECEMBER. Tickets are now available to purchase via Kindo. Buy your tickets and book your time slots as soon as possible as they will sell out! Please see the attached poster and Kindo for further details. Thank you to our very generous 2022 Colour Run sponsor; Scarbro Civil.

Calendar Art: Online ordering is available until Monday 14th November. Instructions have been sent home with your children; alternatively you can follow the link on the Glendowie Primary Parents Association Facebook page. Various product options with your child's artwork are available which make great Christmas gifts!

Frosty Friday every Friday, 3pm on the courts outside the hall. Iceblocks/creams can be purchased for $2 or with a Frosty/Milo Friday concession card available for purchase on Kindo.

Facebook Page: We are keeping our Facebook page up to date with events, follow us at

Glendowie Primary School Parents' Association for updates.

If you are new to the school and haven't heard from your class rep, please let us know by emailing

Next meeting: Thursday 24th November, 7:30pm - if you would like to attend this meeting, please contact the PA as we have a temporary change in venue.

OSCARS After School Care

We are open each morning from 7.15am-8.30am and every afternoon from 3pm-6pm.

For information in regards to any of our out of school services, please visit the website below: or contact Che: 021 367 243 or

Upcoming Events

  • 14 November - School Athletics Y5-8
  • 15 November - Bay Suburbs Y5/6 Touch
  • 18 November - Literacy Quiz Y5/6
  • 21 November - Bay Suburbs Athletics Y5/6
  • 22 November - Board Meeting
  • 23 November - Rainbow's End - Y6 Road Patrol
  • 24 November - Eastern Zone Athletics Y 7/8
  • 24 November - PA Meeting
  • 29 November - School Athletics Y0-4
  • 1 December - Kelly Tarlton's trip Y7
  • 1 December - Performing Arts Assembly - all welcome
  • 2 December - PA Colour Run
  • 6 December - Y8 Leaving Assembly
  • 7 December - Montessori Leaving Assembly
  • 13 December - Board Meeting
  • 15 December - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - 2pm Finish

Community Notices

Introduction to Sailing: Holiday Programme for young people aged 9 and older. Email us at or register at See the flyer below.

Artz on Show School Holiday Performing Arts workshop: 19-23 December, 9-4pm daily. View the website: or contact Hayley on 09 294 7129. See the flyer at the end of the newsletter for further info.

Daniel Tran Piano Lessons: Able to teach any levels to Grade 8 and assist in preparation for ABRSM and Trinity graded examinations. Feel free to give me a ring or email. Details are:

Email: Mobile: 0210 283 7682

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