All About it

On december 12th we will be having a party for everyone to come to. There will be food and drinks provided. Everyone is aloud to bring two geust. We will also be having a secret santa.

Christmas Celabration

Friday, Dec. 12th, 1am to Monday, Dec. 15th, 11:45pm

St Nicholas Dr

North Pole, AK

2:30 - we will have the kids make letters to santa and crafts.

3:30 - we will eat the cake and other desserts.

4:00 - we will go outside to the hill for sleding.

5:00 - we will have an ultimate snowball fight.

5:40 - we will go back in and exchange secret santa gifts.

6:10 - we will eat supper.

7:30 - come again the next day and we will do it over again.

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Proof of Santa Claus