First Grade Puppy Pound

Jan 8, 2016

Staying Warm

In our Scholastic News, we learned how different animals stay warm and survive in the cold. We have to bundle up with hats, scarves, boots, and coats, but many animals have their own protection against the elements. Polar bears have two layers of fur and walruses have blubber to stay warm.

Happy New Year!

Top Dog- McKailey (Mrs. Schulte)

She loves to eat pizza. She enjoys going to the movies. She also enjoys reading chapter books!
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Top Dog -Pranavi (Mrs. Hall)

She loves to ride her scooter. She enjoys the Super Kids reading stories. One of her favorite things to eat is tacos!
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FYI: Baby Alert

Mrs. Schulte had a baby boy over break. His name is Trevor and mom and baby are doing just fine. I have combined both classes for this week's newsletter. It's a good thing we plan together so I know what is going on in the Puppy Pound!