Tangerine Daily

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What's New Here in Tangerine?

  • Paul moves into a house that is right next to a fire lit tree that never seems to burn out
  • Paul and his mother notice the smoke outside
  • The fire department doesn't seem to care about the clouds of smoke surrounding Paul's house
  • Paul's mother discovers that Lake Windsor is man made
  • Mike Costello tells Paul and his mother about how they fly in Koi fish to fill the lake
  • Mike Costello and Erik argue about who is the real football star
  • When Paul and his mother went tour the school, Paul's mother didn't like the school due to the fact that the students are put in portables and they don't have an auditorium or gym
  • Paul amazes the school's soccer team and seems to be fit for the goalie position
  • Paul's mother wants to change the football practices to morning due to the fact that the football players are playing in the middle of a thunderstorm
  • Mike Costello dies after being struck by lightning

Fisher vs. Fisher

Paul Fisher is a somewhat shy guy who keeps things to himself and doesn't like to stand out. He is the exact opposite of his brother, Erik Fisher. Erik is always thinking that he is better than everybody else and he loves being the center of attention. Erik plays football while Paul plays soccer. You would think that Erik and Paul are very different, right. Well, if you really think about it, they might not be so different at all. Maybe they're both just boys wanting to be boys. They both just don't know how to express their real feelings for other people. They both don't know how to tell people what's really on their mind or how to express themselves creatively and honestly.

Tragedy Strikes!

On September 5th, we experienced a tragedy here in Tangerine. Mike Costello died. It all happened during football practice. Mike was out on the field playing football. Then, a bolt of lightning came down and struck him. They say that Mike was dead before he even hit the ground. People stood and watched it happened. Then, everyone circled around him trying to bring him back to life. Next, they called 911 and the police tried everything. Finally, they realized that Mike was gone forever. There was no bringing him back.


Paul has been having problems making friends and fitting in. He is very shy and doesn't try very hard to make new friends at his new school. It seems as if people think he's weird and they don't want to be his friend. Hopefully things will start looking up for Paul. I think that Erik is having some issues too. It's almost as if Erik is stressed because everyone expects so much of him. Maybe Erik will learn not to care what other people want him to do, but to do what he wants to do. Our last MOYA problem for this edition is also about Paul. I believe that Paul is wondering what his place is in his new town. Paul just came to a new town and not everyone is very welcoming. He doesn't know what he will bring to this new, mysterious place, or what he will become after living in Tangerine County, Florida.

Fire Standing Festival!

Come to our annual Fire Standing Festival! We will all stand around for 24 hours watching our famous never ending flaming fire tree. Bring your safety goggles, so smoke doesn't get in your eyes. Bring water and food because we will be standing for an extreme amount of time. Bring a ski mask that covers your nose and mouth, so you don't breath in any smoke. Also make sure that you are well rested and prepared for an entire day of standing. The event will start at 1:00 am and end at 1:00 am the next day. Be at the flaming tree on September 12th to see our muck fire! This is a tradition here in Tangerine County, so we expect to see everyone there.