5 things about 6th grade!

By: Grace Moore


This year in the 6th grade you will have things such as reading logs, AOW, WWL quizlet, Worldly Wise, and novels. Some of these things may sound new to you which is fine. It may take a week or so for you to get the hang of doing all of theses things every week but you will get into the swing of things once the year goes on! Here are some expectations for you about these activities.

Reading Logs

- Always use textual evidence

- Read at least for 20 min. and ten pages

- Try not to wait last minute to download you're reading log

- Try to not do your reading last minute

- Use the yes ma’am strategy


- Take as many notes as possible

- Stop and jot your feelings for every paragraph

- Use the yes ma’am strategy

- Use two or more sentences for every question at least

- Turn it in before Wednesday morning at 8:30 am


- Do them daily

- When you take your screen shot click the apple so it shows your name and them take the screen shot

-Turn them in before Friday morning at 8:30 am

- Don’t just go though the motions, really use it for a tool to help you

- Use them to help you study for your test

WWL Packets

- Due them daily

- You can use your glossary to help you

- Turn it in before Monday at 8:30 am

- Use the Yes ma’am strategy on the passage at the bottom of your packet

- Do not just guesses on problems just ask for help


- Try to stay on top of reading a chapter or so every night so you can be caught up with every one

- If you don’t understand a chapter don’t just skip it re-read it

- Keep a not book near when you are reading so that you can take notes

- Do your work to go with that novel daily

- Discuss the book with others to see how other people are feeling about the book

Just use all of these straggles for each active and you will do great on them. Just don’t get lazy on them as the year goes on! Also if you don’t know what the yes ma’am strategy is click on the button below to see a picture of it!


This year in math you will be going on many websites that you have most limey used before things such as ten marks and IXLs will not be new but then there may be things that you have never heard of like learnzillion. These main things that you will be doing in math this year is Ten marks, IXL, Buzz Math. Then you will also have math centers! Just as for reading, it may take some time to get the hang of things but do not worry it is not hard at all. Here are some rules and advice on these activates.

Ten Marks

- Take your time so you do not get an amplifier

- Sometimes there might be a mistake on a problem so do not guess, just go ask the teacher

- Show your work on paper

- Due them daily if they are a part of your centers

- Stay calm every if you feel like ripping your hair out


- Show your work

- Turn your work into your folder when you are done

- If you are only doing 15 problems don’t think that the grade that it gives you is your real grade

- If you are only instructed todo 15 problems do not do any more or less that 15 problems

- Right on the paper why you got a problem wrong if you get one worng

Buzz Math

- If you have done 2 problems and still got them wrong them ask the teacher on you 3rd try for help

- You don’t have to turn in work

- Depending on how many problems you have done and gotten right your score will be averaged

- Don’t rush but get your work done

- Use a whiteboard todo your work

Math centers

- Get your daily actives done very day and try not to slack

- Ask someone in your group for help and if they don’t know ask a teacher

- Get all work done before the deadline so it is not late

- Take a screen shot of the centers on blend space and make it your desk top so you can remember what work you have todo

- Cross off the centers you have done on your screen shot

Just take you time on math and follow these rules and met these expectations and you will be fine and you will have nothing to worry about.


Your Gateway project may be something that sound very stressful which I am not going lie it can be but if you make the best of it things will be smooth sailing. Here are a few things to remember about your Gateway project.


- Make the best of your time that you have to work on the project in class

- Do not get lazy on your work

- Be confident in your work

- Don’t ask parents for help because this is an independent project

- Finnish very thing before it is due to stay ahead of the game

After reading all of these things yo should feel not as worried because if you follow those rules things will go great for you.

5 things about you responsibilities and behavior👍


- You are now the top people in the school and your behavior reflects others so you need to keep your behavior in check

- Make thing easy on yourself and teachers and stay positive though your behavior

- Just stay away from the drama because save the drama for your lama and if you don’t have a lama then there is no need for drama

- Check your self

- Think about how your behavior will effect your future


- Get your work done on time

- Be kind to your family at school

- Stay positive at all times

- Be the one to help others get things done or say no to bad things

- Stay hydrated


Dances are something that all 6th graders should enjoy, but one thing that you have to keep in mind is that going to the dance is a privilege and you don’t just get to go no matter what. You have to have 0 OOS and if you have 2 or more ISS you will not be aloud to attend the dance either. All of your grades have to be passing and above a 77%. All of these rules should not be something that is hard for you to accomplish because if you are trying your hardest and coming to school for the right reasons then all of this should be a pice of cake for you! That is what you should expect for you to be able to get to go to the quarterly dance.